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There has been much speculation but little substantiated research until now.  New research shows that building market rate apartments has the effect of reducing rents in the immediate surrounding area.  
Patrick McCloud's article on legislation to mandate participation in the Section 8 voucher program was published in the Richmond Times on January 7.
The BRAC chapter of VAMA hosted their annual awards program on December 12th, 2019 at The Omni in downtown Charlottesville. We had a great turnout and would like to recognize all of the 2019 winners.
Local advocates discussed the impact of student housing on affordability.
Lynchburg's legal aide society is spearheading a program to research evictions in the area in hopes of identifying geographic areas with high eviction rates.  A group has been established to lobby for changes to local laws on how evictions are handled.  
A Virginia community has settled with residents for an undisclosed amount of money and has revoked its rule barring religion oriented events in its club room.  Residents had been hosting a bible study about which voilated the apartment community's rules.  The couple sued the apartment community for violating their rights under fair housing law.  
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In the long run, rent control makes rent more expensive - NAA has the data - NAA members should get up to speed and spread the word.
On January 28, 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) releasednew guidance to clarify the responsibilities of both rental housing providers and renters concerning reasonable accommodation requests for emotional support animals (ESAs) in housing. NAA staff has reviewed the guidance and is working with industry experts to update NAA’s ESA products accordingly, including. In light of the revised guidance, you are strongly advised to consult your legal counsel before taking any action regarding emotional support animal requests.
BH Management has a program where babies are welcome at the corporate office everyday (from the age of 3 months to the age of 6 months) as an employee benefit.
Enjoying high occupancy and a great economy are wonderful when they exist but what do you do when a recession hits?  
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Calendar Highlights
Have you ever wanted to earn your NAA Designation but couldn't get the funds from your company?  VAMA offers scholarships!   All scheduled classes are online at the VAMA Calendar of Events.
Apply for a scholarship today and earn a designation in 2020.
NRVAC 02/18/20 Fair Housing Certification
RLRAC 02/19/20 Fair Housing Certification Course
BRAC 02/19/2020 Committee Meeting Day
CVAA 2/19 & 2/20: Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
HRAC 2/20/20 Events & Education Committee Meeting
VRHC 02/21/20 Morning Motivator - Maintenance Budgets & More (Harrisonburg)
HRAC 2/21/20 Morning Coffee Meeting
HRAC 2/25/20 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
CVAA 2/26/20 Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) Course
CVAA 2/26/20 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
RLRAC 02/27/20 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg)
CVAA 02/28/20 Morning Coffee Meeting - All Your Staffing Solutions
CVAA 03/03/2020 Supplier Council Meeting
HRAC 3/3/20 Advisory Committee Meeting
CVAA 3/03/20 Advisory Committee Meeting
VRHC 3/4/20 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
NRVAC 3/4/20 Advisory Committee Meeting
VRHC 03/05/2020 Advisory Committee Meeting
RLRAC 03/05/2020 Advisory Committee Meeting
BRAC 03/10/2020 Advisory Committee Meeting
RLRAC 03/10/20: 608 Universal HVAC Certification
CVAA 3/11/20 Events and Education Committee Meeting
RLRAC 03/11/20 CPO Seminar
CVAA 03/12/20 Mix & Mingle
RLRAC 03/13/20 Supplier Appreciation Social (Roanoke)
BRAC 03/17/20: Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course 
NRVAC 3/17/20 National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)
HRAC 3/20/20 ACE Awards Ceremony
Development News
Chesterfield County has approved plans to add 1000 dwellings to the former Cloverleaf Mall Area.  Apartments, however, have been restricted to 1 and 2 Bedroom units.
Approval for development was recommended by the council and a pubic hearing will be held February 12.  In addition to the 372 aparments, office space is also included in the plan.
Delays in funding processes have caused an affordable housing development in Charlottesville to lose funding for at least a year.
A $7 Million deal last month and zoning in hand have cleared the way for 700 apartments in multiple 4 and 5 story buildings in Henrico's Innsbrook area.
Developers are planning a 12 story tower in Richmond's TOD (Transit Oriented Development) corridor, the maximum height allowed.  Plans include 168 apartments.
The Monument Cos. purchased the building for $9.5 Million and will lease it back to the paper until new offices are found.
Out of state buys purchased the townhome style rental community for $179,371 per unit.
The trend of infill development using parking lots in downtown continues as developers plan a 7 story structure on Canal at First Street.
Called one of the largest multi-family deals ever, Harbor Group spends $1.85 Billion on 13,000 apartments in other states.
Developers are requesting rezoning of several acres near Hardywood Park Brewery in Richmond to allow for mixed use development including multi-family.