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Today, April 11, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Federal Fair Housing Act.  Precipitated by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Congress took action to provide housing equally for all US residents with no regard for race.  Check out the link below and watch the speech by President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Over 900 people attended the ACE awards in Norfolk in March.  Congratulations to all nominees and winners.  Competition promotes excellence!
This Forbes article outlines the important connection between housing supplies and housing prices.  Look to Tokyo for answers to the housing crunch in many US cities.
The new budget deal restored some funding and in general will give a boost to the LIHTC program.
VRHC hosted a Morning Motivator on April 4th and our guest speaker was Mike Davis, Executive Advisor to the President at JMU. Mike offered updates regarding JMU's future plans for growth as well as answered questions regarding student affairs and relations with the housing industry.
Ground Maintenance & Landscaping With a Manicured Touch
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We perform a number of grounds maintenance and related services on HOA's, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and the Public. We are Large Acreage Specialists. Our services include but are not limited to * Mowing Duties * Irrigation Service and Repair * Pruning * Mulching * Chemical treatments for turf and tree/shrubs* Tree Services * Landscape installation projects * Drainage Solutions * Snow Removal
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Build Your Skills
These are 7 traits of highly effective maintenance staff.
Learn some warning signs that an applicant is trying to scam you.
A policy can be taken out by a landlord on his or her tenants. If a tenant loses a job or becomes disabled, the policy will cover one to three months of rent.
This article gives 3 tips on making your feedback to employees less biased.
Calendar Highlights
Maintenance Mania in Richmond will now be held on April 30, 2018.  The weather on the original day forced VAMA to reschedule.  Please email with any questions.
Great Maintenance = Easy Renewals!  Invest in your Maintenance Team and Increase your NOI!

BRAC 4/18/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course
HRAC 4/25/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
CVAA 4/30/18 Maintenance Mania MAKEUP DATE!
BRAC 5/22/18 Mini Con (VRLTA, Luncheon & Trade Show)
CVAA 5/22/18 Fair Housing Certification
HRAC 6/7/18 Fair Housing Certification
VRHC 6/8/18 Fair Housing Certification
CVAA 10/11/18 Mini Con Trade Show & Seminar Series
NRVAC 10/25/18 Trade Show & Maintenance Seminar

The laws change on July 1, 2018 - Are you Prepared? 
Acquiring a real understanding of the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA) while keeping abreast of court decisions is essential if you wish to gain a return on investment in the apartment industry. Failure to be prepared for these changes could end up costing you big time, causing you to lose in court and your community to lose value.
Join the Blue Ridge Apartment Council for their 2018 Mini Conference on May 22, 2018! This is your one-stop shop for important education, updates and valuable networking! This event will take place along with our annual VRLTA seminar followed by a Membership Luncheon featuring Legislative Updates and Elected Officials as our guest speakers. We will end the day with our annual Trade Show, including lots of giveaways!
VRHC APEX Awards - Community Nominations
NRVAC 4/17/18 Fair Housing Certification
BRAC 4/18/18: Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Course
RLRAC 4/18/18 Morning Membership Meeting (Roanoke) - State of The Market Report
RLRAC 4/19/18 Morning Membership Meeting (Lynchburg) - State of The Market Report
CVAA 4/20/18 Morning Coffee Meeting
HRAC 4/24/18 VRLTA with Chip Dicks
HRAC 4/25/18 Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
BRAC 4/27/18 Morning Coffee - Online Reputation Do's & Don'ts
CVAA 4/30/18 Maintenance Mania MAKEUP DATE!
HRAC 5/8/18 Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Course
CVAA 5/10/18 Supplier Speed Dating (SOLD OUT)
NRVAC 5/15/18 Breakfast Social
CVAA 5/17/18 Golf Tournament
Drucker and Falk, LLC
Keyper Systems
Development News
A $90 Million community has been approved for Watkins Centre Parkway and nearly 2,100 units have either been approved or are in planning stages within 1.5 miles of the future Watkins Centre Apartments.
This section of Broad Street in Richmond has seen a flurry of apartment sales over the last year.
Hope Village and Woodland Crossing sell for $9.2 Million.  Hope Village has 100 Units and Woodland Village 132.
The Roanoke Planning Commission approved a requested zoning change for the American Viscose Plant to be turned into a mixed use apartment building.  Roanoke City Council will also have to approve the change before construction can begin.
Follow the link to a Forbes article on smart student housing development.