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In this issue we introduced the newest leaders of TSAE, including Chair Stacy Cantu, CAE. This issue also features ways associations can be strategic in their giving, and offer opportunities for their members to give back as well.
Feature Story:
Foundations for Success
Many associations have discovered that in creating their own foundations, they afford their members the means to not only get to know one another and create stronger ties within their respective professions, but to give back to their communities and customers, to show thanks and build rapport. Foundations, associations have found, do good that’s contagious, creating a cycle of positivity that benefits everyone involved.
Also Inside:
Strategic Giving: Strengthen Your Association’s Core Message
An association provides a place where people can come together to accomplish a common purpose. Incorporate purposeful, charitable giving as a part of your core message and organizational culture, and you’re sure to strengthen the foundation upon which your association is built.

Catering to a New Generation of Members
Younger generations have different needs and wants. Ignore them, and they will find somewhere else to get what you offer. Start thinking about all the needs within your membership and cater to them all. It’s the only way to keep your association relevant.


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