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Unlawful Double-Brokering

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TIA is seeking to better understand the financial impacts of double-brokering on the 3PL industry and specifically, TIA Members.

TIA uses the term “double brokering” in the sense of illegal brokerage activities. For example, a TIA Member hires a motor carrier to haul their customers’ freight; unbeknownst to the TIA Member, the load is then re-brokered or “double brokered” to another carrier. The carrier could have brokerage authority or not, but the contract clearly stated that the relationship was that of a broker and a carrier.

 Any information you provide will directly contribute to the advocacy efforts of the TIA Government Affairs Team as we work toward ending this unlawful brokerage activity within the industry. All responses are anonymous and confidential. If double-brokering is an issue affecting your business, please take this brief survey.

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