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Satisfy Shipper Requirements & Keep Loads Moving

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Our industry is being asked to perform and extend services in ways that we have never seen before during these unparalleled times as our great nation pulls together.

3PLs are rethinking business as usual to meet the supply chain demands and to open capacity nationwide, particularly in the Van/Refer carrier space. With the high volume demands to move these loads, our members are having to meet more shipper requirements of $2M for Truck Liability to keep loads moving.

To help solve this shipper requirement, TripExcess provides a free quote engine and provides you with direct access to increase their motor carrier’s insurance limits on a transactional/per-shipment basis, with the ability to issue a Certificate of Additional Coverage without a wait and within minutes as a cost from $50 to $125 per transaction.

Get started by visiting www.tripexcess.com/TIA. This online process is simple, fast, and allows you to respond quickly at any time and anywhere with an available app.

TripExcess is here to help you meet the supply chain demands that our industry is experiencing, with a solution that’ll help keep trucks moving!


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