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New TIA Advantage Program

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We know you and other TIA members are looking for tools and support to help you meet today’s business challenges. TIA is excited to make available and launch its new Advantage Program to help you navigate these challenges successfully.

We now have available an Excess Auto and General Liability Insurance Program through McGriff, Seibels & Williams, exclusive retailer for the distribution of TripExcess.com/TIA. This program is revolutionary and was built and designed for 3PL’s and their customers by enabling direct access to obtain Excess Liability insurance on a transactional basis tied to a specific Bill of Lading (required). 3PLs can purchase coverage directly with electronic acknowledgement forwarded to the Motor Carrier of the applied coverage on their behalf.

Through this program, 3PLs can purchase $1,000,000 in Excess Liability over the Auto Liability and General Liability of the warranted carrier maintaining a required primary limit of $1,000,000 in Auto and General Liability coverage. The cost per transaction varies on distance and ranges from $50 to $125 + applicable taxes & fees. Quoting is free, easy and without a wait for approval. For specific pricing from any city to city, go to www.TripExcess.com/TIA.

Open motor carrier capacity for your customers requiring a $2,000,000 Liability limit while also insulating your exposures with TripExcess.com/TIA.

Check out this short video and see how Simple, Affordable and Easy this is! Click Here


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