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3PLs Leasing Trailers: TIA Needs Your Feedback

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TIA is aware of 3PLs offering leased trailers in support of their shipper customers whereby the 3PL has pre-loaded trailers pulled by a third-party motor carrier the 3PL has contracted with under their freight broker authority.

It is certainly understandable that a 3PL operation would want to expand its services to shippers and, as a result, make themselves more attractive to shippers to support the transportation of their freight.

3PLs need to carefully consider if having equipment they have leased – or decide to purchase – significantly expands their company’s liability exposures in the event that accidents arise in transit with bodily injury, or fatalities arise with a third-party. It also must be understood there is an extremely limited number of insurance companies willing to offer any meaningful coverage for this exposure.

The TIA Highway Logistics Conference is examining this issue. To better provide a resource outlining the market pressures and concerns on this issue, TIA needs your feedback by taking a brief survey.

If you have any questions, contact TIA Advocacy at advocacy@tianet.org or 703-299-5700.


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