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What is the TIAPAC and Why Should I Support It?

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The Transportation Intermediaries Association Political Action Committee (TIAPAC) is a bi-partisan organization that pools TIA member personal contributions and donates those funds to campaigns for members of Congress in accordance with applicable election laws. TIAPAC enables TIA members and their employees to have a voice with legislators who make laws and policies that have a direct impact on the way your company does business.

The TIAPAC supports your business and is something that every member should consider supporting. With your support, you can join forces with your colleagues, the thousands of 3PLs, who share your interests, to maximize the opportunities to support candidates who understand your profession and support your legislative goals.

To be as effective as we need to be, and to make sure we are as visible as our counterparts, who have much larger political action committees, we need each member to contribute. Unfortunately, just visiting with members of Congress is not enough. Congressional campaigns are expensive, and TIA needs to participate in campaign fundraisers as well because it is costly to run for Congress.

In today’s ultra-political environment, 2018 is the year to take a step towards positive change by contributing to the TIAPAC today. To donate, please click here.

**Federal Election Commission laws state that an individual may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year. Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited. Political Action Committees may not accept contributions from non-U.S. Citizens. All donations are not tax deductible.


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