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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Be Safe!

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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Be Safe!

Our theme for this eNewsletter is “Being Thankful.” While this has a different meaning for each of us, what I wanted to do was step back and think about what it means to me. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to do the same during this Thanksgiving Season.

For me “being thankful” comes naturally as I’m, as you might have guessed by now, a bit of an optimist. Certainly, I have more of the “half-full” rather than “half-empty” way of thinking. This applies to both my away from work family life and, thankfully, to my professional life, my work with TMRA and for our TMRA Members and Industries. Is it easy for me to be thankful because of hard work or luck? A bit of both but, for sure, I know I’m Blessed and do not forget that I am blessed far beyond what I’ve earned!

Focusing on TMRA, I and TMRA are thankful for each Member, and this includes Owner/Operators, Support Members and ALL of those at the Mines and Companies represented by TMRA. It is amazing to me, maybe it shouldn’t be, that not only do our Members stay with us, even when times may be tough, but we can all continue to work as a TEAM, even where we are competitors, on those areas where we have common interests. This is absolutely true even when an individual TMRA Member has nothing, personally or as a company, to gain. It’s that sense of “we are in this together.”

TMRA could not be successful without our Member participation at all levels, from Officers, to Committee Chairs and Participants, to those helping with and for our Annual Meeting, Teacher/Outreach Auction and all of our State Agency and State/Federal Legislative initiatives. It takes this commitment and dedication, certainly supported by individuals and companies. 

Personally, I have been fortunate and am thankful for those surrounding me with guidance, help and direction. For sure this must include our Leadership Team. Day-to-day, just no way that I and TMRA could be successful without “my smarter half,” being Krissy, Cathy, Francye, Christian, Robert and, really, a boat full of others. Let me be very clear on this. They do NOT get big bucks for this Service. They are dedicated because THEY CARE!

Okay, I’ll leave it to others to give you all of the Good News from our Annual Meeting, and the News is Very Good!

Ches Blevins,
TMRA Executive Director


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