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Helping Children and Families Affected by Cancer

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Helping Children and Families Affected by Cancer

Blanton & Associates holds a special place in our hearts for children and the fight against cancer. So, it made perfect sense to support an organization dedicated to both. Wonders & Worries is a Texas-based 501c3 that helps children process “What’s happening?” to a family member struggling with cancer.

As cancer wreaks havoc on every aspect of a family’s well-being, the Wonders & Worries’ support team steps in to help. Children and teenagers are taught to navigate difficult challenges with age-appropriate strategies and skills for coping with their emotions in a safe and loving environment. Medical procedures and equipment are explained, emotional and physical changes are discussed and, most importantly, the doors to communication are opened.

It is a full-service support system designed to meet every need imaginable even if that need includes bereavement services.

Therefore, it is Blanton & Associates’ privilege to walk alongside Wonders & Worries by “adopting” a family during the Christmas holiday. We never know if a life will succumb to cancer, but we know these families need to experience all the joys of the holiday season. It is our wish to make a family’s Christmas morning extra special by showering them with food, clothes, toys and more from their personal Wish List. It is our hope the memories created by this time together will be forever cherished. It is our love that keeps this Blanton tradition alive.

To see first-hand why Blanton & Associates partners with this incredible group, visit them at www.wondersandworries.org. You will be amazed!


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