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Executive Director’s Message By Ches Blevins: TMRA Members Active in Their Communities

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TMRA Members Active in Their Communities

While I'm sure our TMRA Members know the answer, "What's Service Got to Do With It" as it relates to our Members, their Companies, Operations, and TMRA?

The answer, really, is everything. TMRA is here, as an Association, to inform, educate and advocate FOR our Members. Our Goal and Mission includes providing these services to our Members. In addition, as you'll see from one of our contributed articles, an important service we provide because of, and with the support of, our Members is Education and Outreach. Education through our Teacher Workshops. Our Social Media project, along with this eNewsletter, is another way we reach out with information that educates, informs and advocates relating to our industries.

Beyond TMRA as an Association are the outstanding and ongoing efforts of our Members IN their Communities. We all know that our Members contribute to Communities through great employment opportunities, a healthy tax base and active support for schools, cities, first responders and others. What we don't always herald, but will here, is that our Members support and provide great service to our Communities beyond jobs and the economy.

What you'll see in this issue are just a few examples of our Members being actively involved in Community Outreach. These activities, while supported by our Companies and Firms, are most often completely voluntary for those individuals participating, and often done on their own time. It's just a reflection of both company culture and the positive ties of individuals to their communities.

Service is who we are. As more stories come in during the coming months we'll post those because its important to recognize and acknowledge that WE, TMRA and our Members, ARE both active and positive members of the communities in which we live and work.

Be proud and participate! I'm certainly proud of you as Members and Thank You for allowing TMRA to work with you and for allowing me to Serve!

--Ches Blevins, TMRA Executive Director 


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