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How Passwords Get Pillaged is No Secret
Secure Networkers, LLC
There are several different ways that passwords can be stolen, and understanding how bad actors work to gain access to your secret codes may instruct you on how and why to make your passwords harder to break. This month we share with you the not-so-secret secrets about how passwords without complexity can get pilfered.

Learn How Passwords Get Hacked
President's Message
Raise your hand if working from home is about to make you lose your mind (My hand is raised).

While I’m hoping the end is near for many of the changes we’ve all had to make, I hope it’s not the end for all of them. The global pandemic has made us all adopt remote access and videoconferencing and accept it as the new normal. I don’t anticipate agencies across the state to maintain this level of working remotely in 6 months or a year. However, we’ve adopted all these new capabilities that we didn’t have before. Like it or not, the last couple of months have allowed (forced) several of us make great strides in our technical offerings and capabilities.
Sentinel IPS
Client First Consulting Group
In the News
CSO Online
New data shows a sharp increase in in online attacks related to cloud accounts.
IT World
New updates to Zoho’s Cliq messaging tool include a feature to track attendance by remote employees.
Your Partner for Smart City Technologies
Scientel Soluitions, LLC

Scientel is a universal integration company that offers 360° technology services supporting the dynamic and sophisticated communications, video and data management needs of clients. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our Customers, Partners, Employees and Community. Headquartered outside Chicago with additional offices across the United States, Canada and Europe; Scientel has the capabilities and experience to service international clients across the globe.

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Computer World
A number of companies are moving quickly to meet the demands created by the surge in home office workers.
IT World
New estimates point to a downturn in IT spending worldwide.