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How Passwords Get Pillaged is No Secret
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There are several different ways that passwords can be stolen, and understanding how bad actors work to gain access to your secret codes may instruct you on how and why to make your passwords harder to break. This month we share with you the not-so-secret secrets about how passwords without complexity can get pilfered.

Learn How Passwords Get Hacked
President's Message

As some of you may know, we had severe storms and tornadoes here in north Texas a few days ago. In some areas, the damage was devastating. The cleanup and recovery will no doubt take months. It is always amazing to me how everyone across the state springs into action after a disaster. You see agencies from hundreds of miles away sending people and equipment to aid in the cleanup. 

One of the newest organizations to join these efforts is the Texas Emergency GIS Response Team. For those of you that supervise GIS staff in your departments, you may already be aware of this team. They are called into service after a disaster anywhere in the state that mapping is required. I’m sure you can imagine the benefits of plotting the tornado damage path on a map or utilizing a mobile app that allows support personnel to identify and mark damaged facilities.

As we used to say in my east Texas hometown, this got me to thinkin’. If a tornado, or any other disaster, were to strike one of our facilities, do we have the ability to loan spare hardware? If the main data center for a city or county was destroyed and they needed servers, networking equipment, etc. quickly, do we have the ability to take some of our spare equipment and loan and/or donate it to them? I know that many of us have the ability to fail over to a cloud backup, but that requires an internet connection that may or may not be available at the time. 

In my operation, we send all out-of-service equipment to auction the minute it comes out of service. Hanging on to a couple of older servers and switches might not be a bad idea after all. 

Have a great October!


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By Jeff Havens

A while ago I published an article called "7 Things Old People Do That You Should Too." It got a good response – almost 50,000 of you took the time to read it, and thank you for doing so. But in the spirit of fair play and even-handedness and all that, I am compelled today to try and find something nice to say about today’s young people.
In the News
By Tiernan Ray, ZDnet

At its user conference in Florida, IBM offered to demystify the term AI. The effort seemed only mildly successful, but the company nevertheless conveyed a lot of energy and drive behind its various offerings that pertain to machine learning and that may be enough to excite its customers.
By Shamus McGillicuddy, IT World

Enterprise network automation initiatives often focus on automating brownfield infrastructure, and many commercial automation tools devote significant resources to communicating with network devices via legacy interfaces, especially proprietary command line interfaces (CLIs). However, our research shows that network automation projects often lead enterprises to adopt new infrastructure from new vendors.
By Lucas Mearian, ComputerWorld

For more than a year, blockchain management and development has topped some lists of the hottest skills in the IT job market, and thousands of blockchain jobs in the U.S. are now up for grabs. According to a mid-year salary survey from Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular salary surveys, blockchain development and management positions remain in high demand.
By Michael Cooney, IT News

The pace of technology change is accelerating rapidly, augmented by factors that IT pros need to study-up on, things they never had to deal with before like hyperautomation, multiexperience and human augmentation that Gartner says will have a significant impact on enterprises.
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