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SSPC Has Some Exciting News from California!

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We now have a training host in San Diego, California who is available on a regular basis. PYR Preservation Services in San Diego, CA will now be a regular hub for SSPC training classes!

SSPC has a bilingual SSPC Instructor, who will be providing more training classes in Spanish to better serve the Spanish speaking population. California’s second largest city is truly a great place to host classes.

Interested? Check out the training schedule for classes at PYR for the rest of 2020 here and below.

We need your feedback! Would you like to see more Spanish speaking classes in the San Diego area? What courses would you like to have offered? For a list of SSPC courses go to:

We would love to hear from you. Contact Danielle Edmond at to voice your opinion.

We look forward to continuing to extend the reach of SSPC training classes!

Start Date End Date Training Event Name Reg. Deadline
10/19/20 10/20/20 Abrasive Blasting Certification (C7) 9/28/20
10/21/20 10/22/20 Spray Application Certification (C12) 9/30/20
10/26/20 10/30/20 Coast Guard Basic Paint Inspector Course (COAST GUARD) 10/5/20
11/2/20 11/2/20 Thermal Spray Applicator Training  (THERMAL APP) 10/12/20
11/3/20 11/3/20 Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP) 10/13/20
11/9/20 11/10/20 Abrasive Blasting Certification (C7) SPANISH VERSION 10/19/20
11/11/20 11/12/20 Spray Application Certification (C12) SPANISH VERSION 10/22/20
11/13/20 11/14/20 Marine Plural Component Program MPCAC (C14) 10/24/20
11/16/20 11/17/20 Abrasive Blasting Certification (C7) 10/26/20
11/18/20 11/19/20 Spray Application Certification (C12) 10/28/20
11/30/20 12/3/20 Lead Paint Removal (C3) 11/9/20
12/4/20 12/4/20 Lead Paint Removal Refresher (C5) 11/13/20
12/7/20 12/8/20 Surface Preparation and Paint Application for (SHIPBOARD) 11/16/20
12/14/20 12/15/20 Abrasive Blasting Certification (C7) 11/23/20
12/16/20 12/17/20 Spray Application Certification (C12) 11/25/20
12/18/20 12/19/20 Marine Plural Component Program MPCAC (C14) 11/27/20

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