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April 7, 2017
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Industry News And Announcements
International Fireproof Technology Inc.
From the Current Issue of SPRAYFOAM PROFESSIONAL Magazine
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Be sure to read this quarter's feature article, "Safe Re-Occupancy" which discusses the re-occupancy and re-entry times and how to make sure that the job is completed safely. Read all of this and more in the Spring Issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional
SPFA Safety Committee will host a members-only bi-monthly "Foam-It-Right"® Safety Webinar.  The topic will be Fire Safety for SPF Contractors, presented by Rick Duncan of SPFA.   

This presentation will provide general guidance related to elements and types of fires, types and use of fire extinguishers, as well as fire prevention and emergency preparation. The webinar will be held on Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. For more information, or to register, click here
SPFA-127 SPF Roof Systems Maintenance Manual has been updated by a Roofing Committee task group. The reorganized document contains improved photos and updated guidance to help customers and contractors get the most out of their SPF roof system. SPF roofing contractors are encouraged to share this with their customers. Many thanks to the task group for working diligently over the past year to deliver this important update. The group was led by Robb Smith and included the following volunteers: Bruce Schenke, Roger Morrison, Jason Hoerter, Chris West, Jack Moore and Jim Andersen.  

For more information, contact Rick Duncan SPFA Technical Director rickduncan@sprayfoam.org or Bruce Schenke, SPFA Roofing Committee Chair  bschenke@accellapolyurethane.com.
Industry News and Announcements
>> Preliminary Energy Savings Announced For ASHRAE/IES 2016 Energy Standard
>> Graco Launches Ultra® and Ultra® MAX Professional Airless Handheld Sprayers
>> All In Spray Foam celebrates 10 years
>> Top 150 2017: No. 59 Accella Performance Materials
>> New Online Learning Portal – Icynene University – Launched for Architects Seeking Continuing Education Credits
>> Global Spray Foam Insulation Market 2017 – Lapolla, Covestro, Demilec, Icynene
SPFA News and Announcements
The California DTSC Safer Consumer Product's second proposed Priority Product regulation is going to notice. The comment period for Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems with Unreacted Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanates as a Priority Product opens at 8:00 A.M. PDT on March 24, 2017 and ends at 5:00 P.M. PDT on May 16, 2017.

On March 13, 2014, DTSC released the draft Initial Priority Products List identifying the first set of three product-chemical combinations proposed for regulation under the Safer Consumer Products regulations. One of the products on the draft Initial Priority Products List is SPF Systems Containing Unreacted Diisocyanates.

Also in March 2014, DTSC released a Priority Product Profile for each of the three products on the draft Initial Priority Products List, including a profile for SPF Systems Containing Unreacted Diisocyanates. In September 2014, after conducting a series of three public workshops on the draft Initial Priority Products List and the associated Priority Product Profiles, and after the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance ("SPFA") submitted extensive comments along with other representatives of the industry, DTSC released a Revised Priority Product Profile for such SPF Systems. The revised Priority Product Profile made a number of changes in the scope of the product and chemical, including limiting the product to SPF Systems containing only unreacted methylene diphenyl diisocyanates ("SPF Systems").

DTSC will hold a public hearing from 1:30 P.M.-3:30 P.M. PDT on May 16, 2017 at the CalEPA Building on 1001 "I" Street, Sacramento, California 95814. It is notable that this process has been delayed by DTSC for several years past their initial estimates and this announcement of a public hearing comes with an unexpectedly short notification. The industry is preparing for this engagement, but SPFA supports the request letter for extension of the comment period by an additional 60 days to July 14, 2017 as submitted by the American Chemistry Council.

You too can send a similar request emphasizing the extension of comment period to:
Dr. Julia Gress
Safer Products and Workplaces Program
Department of Toxic Substances Control
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, California 95812-0806

Or by email to:
Resources for you to review as you re-familiarize yourself with this issue:
SPFA has been directly involved in this issue since its inception in 2014 and will continue to engage the DTSC.

Also notably the DTSC has presented at several recent SPFA Annual Conventions & Expos in an effort to keep the status of progress and lines of communication open between the industry and DTSC. The most recent DTSC presentation from the 2017 Sprayfoam Show is available for download here.
The winners of the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards 2017 were announced at the Sprayfoam 2017 Convention & Expo during the Awards Luncheon on January 31, 2017. "Each year the Industry Excellence Awards allow us to recognize our industry’s truly outstanding contractors and projects," said Kurt Riesenberg, executive director of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). "This year’s entries exceed the bar in best practices with the contractors showcased helping to set a tone of excellence in the application of Spray Polyurethane Foam." See who won!
SPFA participated in first annual Insulation Industry-wide DC Fly-In at the end of March with 82 representatives from all leading insulation technologies. The event boasted two days of briefings, including one from Senator Jeanne Shaheen regarding her proposed S.385 - Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (also known as the Shaheen-Portman Bill), along with Hill visits on both House and Senate sides. SPFA was a co-signer on the Shaheen-Portman legislation support letter, and worked to educate lawmakers upon the economic impact of insulation and jobs, the benefits of continuing Energy Star, and industry/customer benefit from extension of the 25C and 179D energy efficiency tax credits. SPFA was also made aware through these meetings of the new Make It in America Act and the new Bring Jobs Home Act, both emerging from Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Senate office and of likely interest to SPFA members:

The Bring Jobs Home Act is legislation amending US tax laws to support American manufacturers and to create jobs here at home. The bill makes it clear that both companies using contract manufacturers and the contract manufacturers themselves are eligible to claim tax deductions that reward domestic manufacturing activities in the United States. U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) also introduced the legislation. Section 199 is one of the largest tax incentives that benefits domestic manufacturing. It provides companies with a 9% deduction on their income from domestic manufacturing activities, giving those activities a lower effective tax rate and making U.S. manufacturing a more attractive investment. 

Regarding the Make It in America Act, "it’s common sense that American tax dollars be used to purchase products made in America, not overseas," said Senator Stabenow. "My Make It in America Act will create more opportunities for American jobs by strengthening our current Buy American law and holding federal agencies accountable. The products needed by our federal agencies, including critical defense systems, are being designed and made by talented Michigan workers and workers across the country. American jobs and American businesses need to be our highest priority." More information on these initiative can be found on her website.

SPFA Tweeted much of the events from the day if you want to visit the Twitter page: https://twitter.com/TheSPFA (and follow us!). Interesting points emerging from the effort:

1. Manufacturing, distribution and installation of insulation generates 400,000 US energy efficiency jobs and spans $20B in payrolls.
2. An $11B industry in 2016, insulation manufacturing in the US employs 33,000 people across 42 states.
3. Insulation manufacturing supports 42,000 jobs through the supply chain including purchasing, raw materials, equipment and services.
4. Economic activity supported by the insulation industry adds $1.1B to state and local governments, and $1.9B in federal tax revenues.

Additionally reported upon at the briefings, Kermit Baker of the Harvard Center for Housing announced the release of the report Improving America’s Housing 2017: Demographic Change and the Remodeling Outlook. Useful information for the SPF contractor, you can download a complimentary copy of the report here.

Each of the attendees broke into small teams to cover the 58 different Hill meetings. The day was widely lauded as a great example of what it could look like if the disparate insulation industries were working together more often. The image accompanying this report is of the team SPFA was part of. Demonstrating the diversity of representation the image from left to right: Kurt Riesenberg, SPFA Executive Director; Dan Lea, Cellulose Industry Association; Joyce Wallace, Chemours; Rene Rockweiler, Rockweiler Insulation; and Craig Brightup, The Brightup Group/SPFA Government Affairs Consultant.

Watch your direct-member emails from SPFA (if you unsubscribe, you don’t get any more info from us – so don’t do it!), and on the SPFA Member-Only section of our website for additional policy and presentation materials that will be posted soon.

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SPFA Membership
>> Welcome New SPFA Members
>>2016-17 SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide
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>>SPFA Member Benefits
SPFA 2017 Membership Renewal Invoices have been sent. Members can renew their membership online in the member only section of sprayfoam.org or by clicking the link below. Any questions can be directed to Mickey Riesenberg at michele@sprayfoam.org.

Your membership does so much to help the industry by supporting important initiatives like:
*A growing tech services focus in SPFA
*Research and development that drives the industry forward and opens new doors for you and your company
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If you're in SPF, you're in SPFA! Join now or renew to discover the opportunities awaiting you as a team-member in this high-performance industry.
Federal/State Government News
Volume XXV, No. 09 - April 3, 2017
The State Net Capitol Journal contains timely and pertinent information for almost every business owner in every state. Some of the features in this issue include:
-- States Take Wide Tack on Battling Opioid Abuse
-- Opioid Overdose Rates Up and Rising in States
U.S. Government Affairs
> President Proposes DOE and EPA Cuts for Current Fiscal Year
> US Department of Energy Further Delays Efficiency Rules and Test Procedures
GGAC Regional and Chapter Activities
> New ASHRAE Video Highlighting Day on the Hill Visit
> California Proposed New Rules on Building Standards for Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Licensed Clinics and Correctional Treatment Centers
> Attempt to Eliminate Engineer Licensing Board in Montana Fails in State Senate Committee
> New York State Considers Legislation on Code Revisions and Updates
> Notice of Emergency Rulemaking in New York State on Lead Testing in School Drinking Water
> South Carolina Legislature Considers Bill to Alter State Building and Energy Codes
SPF Tech
Source: sprayfoamadvisor.com / Robert Naini
Robert Naini, your Spray Foam Advisor, talks about why you have to be more than just an insulation contractor in today’s day and age.
Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC)
SPFA Training & Certification
The PCP Training Committee will be reviewing the SPFA PCP Study Guides. Working Groups will be formed for each Study Guide and your expertise would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in assisting on this project, please email Kelly Marcavage, SPFA Certification Director, at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.
SPFA PCP frequently gets phone calls from frantic contractors wanting to know "How quickly can I become certified by the SPFA PCP?" This usually happens when the contractor receives a bid requiring the work to be done by SPFA PCP Certified applicators. Our immediate question is, "Are you certifiable?"
We are looking at data showing that many folks have successfully completed some of the requirements needed to become SPFA PCP Certified; however, they haven’t submitted all the information needed to earn the distinguished SPFA PCP Certification.

A Working Group is being formed to reach out to those who have begun, but not yet completed certification levels. We’d like to hear from you on what is stopping you from completing the requirements. This same group will also work on retaining and renewing those who are already certified and helping them get to the next level!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please direct comments, concerns and questions to Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org
In 2012, OSHA began a program to align the old Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) with the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/ This new system to be implemented over the next several years, includes updated methods to communicate hazards on product labels and safety data sheets using an international standard.
Breaking News! 360Training is offering SPFA Members and PCP Participants a 15% discount off select online OSHA training courses. This is a great benefit for SPFA Members and PCP participants! Please contact Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org to get the unique SPFA discount code. NOTE: this code is in effect for a limited period of time, so take the course soon to receive the discounted fee.

The 10 Hour OSHA course is required for the SPF Installer and Master Installer Certifications.
The 30 Hour OSHA Construction Course is required for the SPF Project Manager Certification.

If you take the 30 hour course, it fulfills SPFA PCP requirements for the 10 hour course.

For more details on all SPFA PCP requirements – visit our website at www.sprayfoam.org/certification
In our quest to continually improve the SPFA’s Professional Certification Program (PCP) – we’ve put the forms and checklist for each level of certification into a folder for you to easily access from our website. www.sprayfoam.org/certification. These are the same forms that are in each of the handbooks, but we’ve extracted them and made them fillable for you to easily complete. The checklist for each level is also in the folder.
An enhanced listing in SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide is just one of the perks of Accreditation!
Spraying season is resuming for those of you impacted by winter weather! Before you are in full swing again, be sure to complete your certification requirements. You don’t want to be caught ill prepared if an RFP crosses your desk which requires the work be done by an SPFA Certified Spray Foam Professional. If your certification is already in place, you’ll be ready to move ahead and simply respond to the RFP and not be worried about meeting the certification requirements in order to be considered.

If you are already registered and active in the PCP – contact Crystal to check your status at 
Crystal Dalgleish | SPFA-PCP Administration Services

If you want to learn more about the SPFA PCP – contact Kelly 
Kelly Marcavage – SPFA Certification Director
The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), the educational and technical voice of the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) industry, today released statistics for its industry-leading Professional Certification Program (PCP) with numbers indicating growing participation and certification completions across the country.
Akurate Dynamics
Health & Safety

The 2017 Healthcare and Educational Facilities Design and Construction Event for New England took place in Boston, MA April 4-5, 2017. This conference boasted a number of sessions important to the design and construction industries focusing upon this segment, along with an exhibit hall and networking events. SPFA was a Media Sponsor of the event, and also provided a panel presentation entitled Maximizing Energy Efficiency & Generation with the Integration of Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing & Photovoltaics Systems on Educational Facilities. The presentation was delivered by SPFA’s own Dr. Richard Duncan, Accella Polyurethane’s Bruce Schenke, and Roof Asset Management’s Ron Winkle. "This is an important and growing segment of the industry, and it was our pleasure to make this reliable information available to the professionals serving these types of clients in an effort to further educate them regarding the performance benefits, unique uses and generation-integration opportunities existing with SPF roofing," said Kurt Riesenberg, Executive Director of SPFA.




SPFA Member News & Services
Firestone Building Products Company, LLC (Firestone) today announced its acquisition of Gaco Western (Gaco), a leader in innovative silicone roofing systems and provider of top-tier waterproofing and spray foam insulation.
Accella Polyurethane Systems LLC ("Accella") has completed the purchase of certain assets of the North American spray polyurethane foam (SPF) business located in Spring, TX, from Covestro LLC.
Tenex Capital Management is pleased to announce it has completed an investment transaction in SES Foam LLC of Houston, TX, effective on September 9, 2016.
SPF-Related Codes & Standards
ASTM International has, under the leadership of SPFA’s Dr. Duncan, SPFA members and SPF industry professionals, announced the completion and approval of a new standard entitled Standard Practice for Installation of High-Pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation for the Building Enclosure. This practice covers the installation of high-pressure spray polyurethane foam (SPF) as an insulation for building enclosure assemblies including: walls, ceilings, attics, floors and crawl spaces. This practice does not apply to SPF used strictly as a component for an air barrier system or for SPF used in roofing applications. The Standard can be purchased by ASTM here. If you have any questions please direct them to Dr. Duncan.
See what's in store, as far as industry events, expos, training classes, online courses, certification programs and more.
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