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Finding New Employees

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Thank you to all who take time to participate in our surveys. CRA uses the information we gather to better serve you. If you have an idea for a survey for CRA members, please send your request to CRA at

1. What type of Rental Business do you have?
• General Rental: 50% (19 responses)
• Party Rental: 37% (14 responses)
• Both: 13% (5 responses)

2. Where have you had the most success in finding employees? (Check all that apply.)
• Craig’s List: 14% (5 responses)
• Word of mouth: 61% (22 responses)
• Agencies: 17% (6 responses)
• Internet posting: 33% (12 responses)
• Finders fee to existing employees for referral: 11% (4 responses)
• Other (please specify): 31% (11 responses)
1. Employees (2 responses)
2. Social media (2 responses)
3. Customers know of someone needing work
4. The results are generally abysmal 
5. Have not found any recently
6. Sign board in front of business
7. Facebook, friends of current employees
8. Facebook

3. Do you do a pre-employment physical?
• Yes: 25% (9 responses)
• No: 64% (23 responses)
• Sometimes: 11% (4 responses)
Additional comments:
1. I stand across the room and throw them a fastball. If they can catch it between their knees, they’re hired.
2. Done through agency.

4. Do you do a pre-employment drug screening?
• Yes: 35% (13 responses)
• No: 54% (20 responses)
• Sometimes: 11% (4 responses)
Additional comments:
1. I stand across the room and throw them a fastball. If it hits them in the head, they’re not hired.
2. Drivers are tested (2 responses).
3. We also do a back x-ray.
4. Done through agency.
5. Only for drivers.
6. Thinking of removing this requirement.

5. Additional survey comments (5 responses):
1. Referral by current employees has always worked best for me.
2. The pool of qualified candidates seems to be shrinking.
3. Craigslist got us the bottom of the barrel. Will not use that again. Pretty good luck hiring college students. They are usually available during peak times.
4. Finding employees is the worst it has been in 26 years in the business.
5. In the most difficult employee search in 37 years. Record low unemployment is good on the one
hand, but it also translates to few people looking for work–meaning hardly any applicants. Bottom
line is payroll costs continue to escalate: increased wages/benefits seem the only way to attract
qualified candidates.


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