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The ORCGA has planned its first ever Virtual Golf Tournament!
The tournament will run from September 13-27, 2021. 
Click below to learn more! 

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Ontario’s Public Health Regulations regarding COVID-19, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel this year's Locate Rodeo and Excavator Challenge.

We are looking forward to once again hosting this great event in the Summer of 2022.

Industry News
Source:  T&D World 
It takes a tremendous amount of infrastructure to bring broadband to rural and remote locations. That’s why electric utilities are key partners in solving the Digital Divide.
Source:  Metrolinx & Infrastructure Ontario
The province oversaw the development of a new Utility Relocation Guideline that supports the Building Transit Faster Act  by outlining how the new process for coordinating relocation will work. This new guideline will help to forge partnerships early in a project’s planning and design phase and maintain strong channels for coordination throughout the lifecycle of project delivery.
Source:  Dig Different
The other day we had to suck up some hard clay and the customer didn’t want us to use any water because he was trying to keep the hole dry,” Porter says. “It took almost everything that blower could give to pull up all that mud.”
Source:  Ottawa Construction Association
The focal point of Ontario’s plan to replace the College of Trades is a new Crown agency that aims to cut red tape and make the skilled trades and apprenticeship system more efficient, accessible, and easier to navigate.
Source:  Dig Different
Is pipe lining truly worth it? An industry veteran breaks down some numbers using a fictional scenario.
Source:  Ottawa Construction Association
As the price of construction commodities continues to trend upwards, contractors and owners are finding themselves in the difficult position of having to guarantee contract terms in a market where guarantees simply don’t exist.
Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
Even for the most seasoned OHS pros, personal protective equipment (PPE) standards and guidelines can be difficult to navigate.
Source:  Pocket Worthy/YouTube
Renewable energy projects; new energy grids; updates to our nation’s battered piped water system…the problem is that many of these projects require concrete. A lot of concrete. The cement industry has little reason to improve its material’s enormous environmental impact.
Source:  The New York Times/YouTube
In 2003, a blackout crippled areas of the U.S. and Canada, leaving some 50 million people in the dark. Years later, we are still grappling with concerns over the vulnerability of the power grid.