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This event is a signature event for the CCGA attracting over 265+ damage prevention management professionals and decision makers from across Canada including stakeholder groups such as oil and gas, municipalities, telecommunications, emergency management, electrical transmission/distribution, surveyors and provincial regulators.

New for 2021!
We have expanded the Symposium content, as well as the delegate list, to discuss international damage prevention challenges. Meet with international colleagues to exchange industry information, focus on public awareness initiatives for damage prevention and expand stakeholder knowledge on efforts to protect essential infrastructure.

The format for the conference consists of 3 days of professional development workshops, panel presentations, networking events, and a virtual exhibitor tradeshow.

Advance Agenda
Underground Mapping in Global Regions
Training and Certification Requirements for Utility Locate Service Providers
Panel Presentation - Pros and Cons of Release of Utility Maps vs. Dispatching Locate Service Providers Global Success Stories in the Reduction of Utility Damages

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Event Cost is $80 for all 3 days of education! Register TODAY!

Free For Municipalities to Attend!
If you work for a municipality, send an email to for free event admission.

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There are promotional opportunities for every budget! Contact for more information.

Exhibitor Virtual Booth
The cost for a virtual exhibit booth is $150.00 CAD.
This includes: • Exhibitor Name and logo mentioned at event • Exhibitor Profile in the final event program (max 80 words). • Opportunity to list up to 4 hyperlinks to online meeting rooms, brochures, videos and corporate information.

All event information can be found here

List of Municipalities Attending to Date as of October 20:
- Metro Vancouver
- City of Toronto
- Region of Peel
- York Region
- City of Calgary
- Edmonton City
- City of Red Deer
- City of Winnipeg
- City of Point Claire
- City of Halifax
- Texas DoT
- Florida DoT
- City of Dorval
- Maple Ridge BC
- Michigan DoT
- City of Waterloo
- City of Ottawa
- City of Kingston
- Leeds and Grenville
- Kitchener
- City of Mississauga
- City of Brampton
- City of Barrie
- City of Massena NY
- City of Sudbury
- City of Winnipeg
- Durham Region
- Region of Peel
- City of Helena Montana
- City of Thunder Bay
- City of St John NB

Insight Meets Innovation
Oakville Enterprises Corporation
OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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The ORCGA Geographic Councils will be coming to you virtually on December 7, 8, 9 and December 14,15,16.


Stay tuned for more information!

Enbridge Gas Inc.
DTS Technical
Ontario One Call’s New Web Portal
Ontario One Call Limited®
Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests! 
The brand new EASY TO USE platform will be launching January 2022 and includes request options for different users, easy to submit design and planning requests for Excavators, and changes to the map functionality.
Be sure to check out the new platform and request your locates online.
Industry News
Source:  Trenchless Pedia
Site investigation may be considered the most important part of any project, because without it, projects are likely to run into unexpected problems.
Source:  Utility Contractor
Vacuum excavators are versatile machines that can aid in a variety of construction jobsite applications, from safe digging around facilities to spoils removal. However, there are a number of critical components of the trailer and truck-mounted vacuum excavators to keep an eye on to get the most out of your machine.
Source:  ESE Magazine
The northern Ontario City of Thunder Bay is looking to become the second Canadian municipality to pave its roads with the complex organic polymer lignin, an experimental “green asphalt” that is a forestry byproduct from the pulp making process.
PGC Services
Vivax Canada
Souce:  CBC
Paul McLauchlin is tired of MLAs knocking on his door before provincial elections, asking him if there are any local construction projects he'd like to announce.
"It's not that simple," said McLauchlin, president of the Rural Municipalities Association. "Just running around with a big fake cheque out there."
Source:  Canadian Architect
Using downtown Toronto as a test bed, Toronto 2030 District researchers map out the costs and logistics—for building owners and cities—for getting to zero operational carbon in the buildings sector.
Source:  Burns Lake Lake District News 
The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices is warning in its publication Sink or Swim, that if these industries and federal and provincial governments don’t acknowledge that change is coming and prepare for it, there could be devastating consequences.
Source:  Link 2 Build
To make this transition in time, projects big and small must be built at an unprecedented pace, while providing a stabilizing force to counterbalance the shocks that individual communities will face.
Source:  Lexpert
From 1996 to 2006, the industry was gas plants and coal plants. From 2006, for the next 10 to 12 years, it was almost exclusively wind and solar projects being built.
Now, it’s a lot of geothermal heating and cooling energy storage, whether that’s large-scale batteries, or compressed air energy storage, or other innovative technologies.
Source:  World Nuclear News 
It is our belief that Ontario Power Generation's grid SMR deployment programme, coupled with Canada's licensing framework, the capability of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the strength of the Canadian nuclear industry supply chain (heavy equipment, instrumentation, services, fuel) awards Canada the status of the most credible SMR deployment programme in democratic nations. There is a strong technology and know-how export potential from Canada to Europe if the right decisions are made and attention is paid to the needs and circumstances of potential export markets.
A & J Vacworx Inc.
Cansel Survey Equipment
Source:  TB News Watch
Pat Murphy, the president of PDR Contracting and Concrete Walls, says he wanted to leave a legacy project that Thunder Bay residents and visitors could enjoy for decades to come.
Source:  Modern Mississauga 
Today it can be hard to fathom that the area that is now Erindale Park was, for over 30 years, mostly submerged under water.
Source:  Freight Waves
Areas between navigable waterways meant costly and time-consuming portage; freight had to be carried by horses or horse-drawn wagons. There were few roads at that time, and most would be considered only rough trails today. Journeys were difficult and time-consuming.
As the first major canals were constructed, they provided key economies of scale for inland transportation. On average, a horse was able to carry one-eighth of a ton, while a canal barge could carry 30 tons
Technoconsor Inc
Vermeer MV Solutions
Source:  CBS News 
Marquette, Michigan, spent $3 million to rebuild a shattered stretch of road 300 feet away from its increasingly unpredictable neighbor, Lake Superior.
The area's sewerage district is replacing concrete channels built in the 1960s with more natural creeks to try to prevent future flooding.
Source:  Daily KOS
Last week, Insider published a lengthy article detailing the many missteps Facebook made in its Edge Cable project running under the Pacific Ocean from the Oregon coast.
Source:  Electrical Contractor
The biggest changes to energy infrastructure in more than a century are happening right now. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration and Wood Mackenzie, the share of renewable energy in the United States is expected to double by 2050, and the installed base of energy storage systems worldwide is expected to grow 27 times by the end of this decade.