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Purchasing used equipment can be a smart financial decision, but keep these tips in mind to ensure you're not disappointed by your acquisition.
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OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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Ontario One Call’s New Web Portal
Ontario One Call Limited®
Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests! 
The brand new EASY TO USE platform will be launching January 2022 and includes request options for different users, easy to submit design and planning requests for Excavators, and changes to the map functionality.
Be sure to check out the new platform and request your locates online.
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Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring, is a minimal impact trenchless construction technique used to install underground pipelines, conduits, cables or any other utility along a predefined path. This document will provide industry professionals with a deeper understanding of HDD and how to apply that knowledge to trenchless construction.
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Construction firms have come around to the notion that concrete scanning is vital to job site safety and efficiency.
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Throughout Canada’s history, connective infrastructure has brought our communities together and linked people from across the country. Despite the strong foundations of these investments, in the last few decades Canada has fallen behind towards ensuring a consistent flow of core infrastructure.
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The QUEST consortium is being established to develop quantum computing applications for electricity power grids.
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When it came time to upgrade infrastructure, it made no sense to replace old copper wiring with new copper wires, which don’t have the capacity for broadband. “It’s no more difficult to build fibre than it is copper.  It’s just a matter of money and time.”
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Some roads in the Pacific Northwest buckled. Workers ventured out in blistering conditions to put cracked concrete and asphalt byways back together. Steel drawbridges were doused with water to make sure they wouldn’t swell shut under the oppressive heat.
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The Millennium’s current engineer, Ronald Hamburger, told CNN the building has now sunk and tilted 18 inches.
After years of lawsuits, hearings and finger-pointing, a retrofit announced last October will anchor the building to bedrock, which, to the derision of critics, had not been done originally.
Instead, the foundation was built into deep sand, experts determined that adjacent projects and a process called dewatering had weakened the soil under the tower, causing it to sink.
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Da Vinci’s proposal was radically different than the standard bridge at the time. As described by the MIT group, it was approximately 918 feet long (280 meters, though neither system of measurement had been developed yet) and would have consisted of a flattened arch “tall enough to allow a sailboat to pass underneath with its mast in place...but that would cross the wide span with a single enormous arch,” according to an MIT press statement. It would have been the longest bridge in the world at the time by a significant measure, using an unheard of style of design.
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These groups offer education and training, advocacy, industry communication, member discounts and peer networking.
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