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Source:  Canadian Construction Association / KPMG Canada 
A new report by the Canadian Construction Association and KPMG Canada identifies significant opportunity for Canadian construction firms to adopt innovation.
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Oakville Enterprises Corporation
OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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Ontario One Call’s New Web Portal
Ontario One Call Limited®
Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests! 
The brand new EASY TO USE platform will be launching January 2022 and includes request options for different users, easy to submit design and planning requests for Excavators, and changes to the map functionality.
Be sure to check out the new platform and request your locates online.
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Source:  Common Ground Alliance
The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Technology Committee has released an annual Technology Report as a resource to help the damage prevention industry identify and understand the importance of technology used to prevent damages, protect assets, and increase overall safety.
Source:  The Conversation
To develop digital twins for intelligent infrastructure maintenance we must integrate a variety of disciplines. These include 3D visualization, wireless technology, structural engineering and Internet of Things. The output is a digital model of the physical infrastructure, which can be seen on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.
Source:  KPMG
Are Canada’s building and construction companies ready to make the bold digital moves needed to transform their businesses and stay relevant for years to come? Research suggests that there’s room for improvement if they are to make meaningful progress and create lasting competitive advantages.
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Source:  Associaton of Equipment Manufacturers
The challenges for autonomous off-road equipment vary significantly from passenger vehicles. In a farm field or construction site, lane markers or curbs are not present to assist with vision, nor is there a LiDAR system to reference to sustain the vehicle on a required track.
Source:  On-Site Maganize
Technology is slowly starting to improve productivity and the quality of results; transforming operations, creating greater efficiencies and having a real-time effect on the paving process.
Source:  Northern Ontario Business
Sudbury advanced technology company takes giant leap forward in acquiring Boston Dynamics robot dog to tackle difficult and dangerous places.
Source:  Dig Different
GPS technology is becoming more important on job sites, as it provides fast and accurate data to make informed decisions in real time.
Source:  Tunnel Business Magazine
Contractors often use remote-controlled demolition machines in tunneling during the excavation and construction of small cross passages between parallel tunnels. There, contractors often see significant time savings while using the machines instead of traditional methods, such as handheld tools.
Source: Ontario General Contractors Association
In recent years, construction companies have increasingly started using AI in a range of ways to make construction more efficient and innovative. The Ontario General Contractors’ Association brings experts from across the industry to explain this innovative technology and unpack how general contractors are harnessing its power.
Source:  CCA & BDO
The Power Innovation, a four-part series hosted by CCA & BDO, aims to equip leaders with innovation strategies, frameworks, and tools, along with direct insight from construction leaders, to help build effective and sustainable innovation to drive bottom-line profit.
Our first installment of the series, “Tactical Advice for Capturing the Value of Innovation in Construction”, will lay the foundation for what is to come.
Source:  IoT
The Internet of Things is just starting to make its way into the construction industry. Early adopters indicate it will continue to be a valuable tool for many years to come.
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Source:  Canadian Occupational Safety
Data, and analyzing data, are a key for organizations to keep track of employee health and safety. But 68 per cent of business data remains unused.  Where are organizations going wrong?
Despite big investments in safety, construction’s fatality rate has remained flat for over a decade. In fact, in 2019, the total number of private construction industry fatalities rose to 1,061. Construction needs a safety disruptor and Predictive-Based Safety may be just the thing we’ve been waiting for.
Source:  PHYS.ORG
Members of the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration recently completed a high resolution map of the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Canada's first all-weather road to the Arctic.
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