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The volume of locate requests has reached unprecedented levels in the past number of weeks. Ontario One Call is sharing information to help you understand some of the province-wide trends.
The Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance wants to ensure that Every Dig is a Safe Dig.
We are driving Safe Excavation for workers, the public and underground infrastructure through
Advocacy, Education and Engagement. For this reason, the ORCGA has dedicated this issue
of Ear to the Ground to further exploring Abandoned Infrastructure.
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OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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Ontario One Call’s New Web Portal
Ontario One Call Limited®
Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests! 
The brand new EASY TO USE platform will be launching January 2022 and includes request options for different users, easy to submit design and planning requests for Excavators, and changes to the map functionality.
Be sure to check out the new platform and request your locates online.
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We’re geeks for gadgets. So when we heard the Hurontario Light Rail Transit projects had found a bit of an aquatic smart drone to quietly map out watermains far below the streets of Mississauga and Brampton, we were intrigued.
Source:  Trenchless Pedia
Horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling each have their own pros and cons. Here we review the major differences between the two methods.
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Contractors have surely noticed higher rates, higher deductibles, and challenges securing broad insurance coverage over the past 1-2 years. Don’t miss this dynamic panel where insurance experts will offer tips for tackling five common issues encountered by contractors in the hard insurance market.
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Source:  Trenchless Pedia
Trenchless technology methods such as horizontal directional drilling help to install fiber optic cable with greater ease and lower cost than traditional methods.
Source:  Trenchless Pedia
While hydrovac excavations are generally safer than other trenching/open cut methods, the safety of on-site personnel and the general public can be compromised if proper safety procedures are not implemented and followed.
Source:  Equipment Journal
At 66 storeys, the EX3 tower in Mississauga will be Ontario’s tallest geothermal powered condominium.
Source:  Dig Different
Muddy water is not a dream product for a utility — or for a company putting waterlines in place. When King Drilling of London, Ontario, was frustrated by mud and slurry getting into water mains during placement, the company did something about it.
Source:  Northern Ontario Business
Sault College will also offer hybrid of in-class and use remote learning using HyFlex model.
Source:  ConstructConnect
Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator has announced it is providing $7.1 million in funding to 61 Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs for energy planning, generation and skills development.
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Source:  Northern Ontario Business
In underground mining, a raise is a vertical underground excavation, running between various levels, that's used for ventilation to the surface or for transporting ore and waste rock.
Designed to replace humans who are required to visually inspect the raise for potential risks like loose rock, the Rail Runner improves worker safety while also boosting efficiency.
Source:  Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
A year into the pandemic, COVID-19 precautions have become a part of routine daily life. But hot weather adds another consideration.
Source:  Ontario General Contractors Association
The 2021 Virtual Skills Ontario Competition & Career Exploration Showcase will run on May 12 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST).
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