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Join industry professionals for our first every Virtual Damage Prevention Symposium. This is the must-attend event for utility infrastructure construction, maintenance and damage protection leaders and members. Take advantage of network-building opportunities and discuss important issues that affect you and the Damage Prevention industry in Ontario.

Register online here:

The ORCGA has a great line up of speakers for all delegates attending the 2021 Virtual ORCGA Damage Prevention Symposium.

This year, the ORCGA welcomes 12 Exhibitor companies to our Virtual Trade Show. The Exhibitors continue to provide a number of important elements to our Symposium experience through education, industry knowledge, product availability and networking opportunities.

Can’t attend the symposium but want to meet with our exhibitors during the event?

Click the link below and select the “Trade Show Only” registration type:



This is your association and the opinion of every member counts.


Join us in shaping the ORCGA at the 2021 Annual General Meeting on February 2, hosted on our Virtual Event Platform, Cvent Attendee Hub, at 4:00 p.m. to hear about issues that matter to you.


This meeting is FREE to attend; however, it does require you to register as this is being hosted virtually.
Click below and select the “Feb 2 ONLY” registration type


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of association member stakeholders. The Board Executive will present the 2020 ORCGA Annual Report, the strategic direction and priorities for 2021, the ORCGA financial statement, a report on the election and appointment of new directors to the board, as well as reviewing the 2020 ORCGA Scorecard that measures association performance.


Read the 2019 ORCGA Annual Report here:

Who will be the 2020 recipients of the Excavator of the Year, the ORGCA Member of the Year and the Jim Douglas Award of Excellence?

Find out at the 2021 ORCGA Virtual Damage Prevention Symposium, February 11 at 12 p.m.

Join the Canadian Common Ground Alliance on Friday, January 29, 11:00 - 12:30 MT, where we will be hosting:

  • Shane Getson, Minister, Legislative Assembly of Alberta
  • John Gamble, President & CEO, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada
  • Andrew Macklin, Editorial Director Actual Media (ReNew Canada/Water Canada)

Our guests will be discussing the concept of a national corridor, the history and why it is an important topic for Canadians.

Enbridge Gas Inc.
Ontario One Call’s New Web Portal
Ontario One Call Limited®
Ontario One Call is re-creating our Web Portal to improve the process of submitting Locate Requests! 
The brand new EASY TO USE platform will be launching January 2022 and includes request options for different users, easy to submit design and planning requests for Excavators, and changes to the map functionality.
Be sure to check out the new platform and request your locates online.
Industry News
Source:  Brockville Recorder and Times
Residents in small municipalities with water and sewer systems are struggling to keep rates at a level that residents can afford, but with only a few hundred users on their system, it is a losing battle.
Source:  PV Magazine
The Canada Infrastructure Bank and Oneida Energy Storage have signed a memorandum of understanding for the Oneida Energy Storage project in Ontario. Once finished, it will be among the largest battery storage projects in the world.
Source:  CBC/CTV News/City News/YouTube
Sinkholes form through both natural and human-made processes. Most of us think about erosion on the surface of the earth, but erosion can occur in the subsurface as well. If just the right factors come together in the subsurface, some very interesting things can occur, including sinkholes.
Source:  Trenchless Pedia
The planning of a trenchless project is similar to conventional projects, taking into account geotechnical investigation, project scope, safety planning, deviation planning and contingency planning.
Vivax Canada
Source:  Trenchless Pedia
While the term "trenchless" suggests the absence of trenches, there are instances where small excavations are needed during trenchless construction.
Source:  Cision
The Project, proposed by the Canadian National Railway Company, consists of the construction and operation of a logistics hub designed to transfer containers between trucks and railcars.
Source:  CBC
Some northerners are getting better internet, and often it has more to do with finding new customers than providing a public service.
Source:  International District Energy Association
We need to fix our buildings. They are the largest end-users of energy, generating nearly 40 per cent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. However, addressing energy efficiency and renewable energy one building at a time will not be enough. To make real change, we must also work at a district level.
Source:  Power Mag
Microgrids can help aid society during periods of disruption—from pandemics to storms to economic downturns—and support business continuity.
Source:  The Verge
Wi-Fi is about to get a lot better. Many of this year’s new phones, laptops, TVs, routers, and more will come with support for Wi-Fi 6E, a new upgrade to Wi-Fi that’s essentially like expanding your wireless connection from a two-lane road to an eight-lane highway. It’s the biggest upgrade to Wi-Fi in 20 years, and connections should be faster and a lot more reliable because of it.
Source:  CBC
We know that some companies have no injuries for many years and there's no reason that can't be done across the province.
Source:  PIXO
Our ability to identify and assess risk is acquired through training and experience. In the case of construction workers, this training can be just as dangerous and unforgiving as the actual day-to-day, on-the-job experience. Which is precisely why the benefits of virtual reality training for construction safety is so compelling.
Cansel Survey Equipment
Source:  Electrical Contractor
Remote working, as well as social distancing on job sites, due to the pandemic has expedited adoption of some construction technologies.
Source:  FCA International
A mental health and suicide prevention blog for the construction industry.
Source:  Pocket
Chicago tried to dig its way out of urban flooding decades before climate change made it a national crisis. Did the city, and its imitators, pick the wrong solution?
OnTrack Hydrovac Services Inc
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