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OEC is driven to deliver value for our customers, providing turn-key services of utility engineering, asset management, utility locates, meter reading, GIS mobile and aerial mapping, utility construction and more. Visit our website at for additional information.
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The ORCGA will now be offering and organizing DPT Training for its members using the new smaller class format and will also post tentative dates and locations on the website based on demand and location. All course information will be communicated here:
Inquiries and training requests can be made through Kim Sheppard, ORCGA Manager Administration & Training (
DIRT Reporting
Based on many industry articles, presentations, and discussions over the last 18 months, it has been identified that Late Utility Locates are problematic in Ontario and that the upcoming 2020 DIRT Report should include Late Utility Locates data information.
Industry News
Source: Ontario Construction News
COVID-19 falls squarely under Force Majeure and contractors should be able to claim for costs associated with the pandemic, within reason.
Source: ConstructConnect
A long list of projects, from mines and power lines to wind farms, airports, and pipelines, automatically require assessments.
Source: Horticultural Trades Association
Insurance has quickly become a huge issue for many business owners in the landscape and horticulture profession. Everyone is facing large increases. Some members report insurance premium increases anywhere from 25 to 400 per cent. Some cannot obtain insurance at any cost.
Source: Government of Canada
Working in The Prescribed Area: What You Need To Know!
Source: St. Catharines Standard
St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik said last year the city experienced significant flooding events backing up entire neighbourhoods. “We have infrastructure that was built 30 to 40 years ago above the water line, and now it’s completely below water,” he added.
Application intake for broadband and cellular program recently opened.
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Source: Orillia Matters
Today, access to broadband internet is more than just a ‘nice to have’ … it is an economic imperative.
Source: ConstructConnect
The governments of Canada and Ontario are providing funding for 10 road and bridge projects in Central and eastern Ontario.
Source: ReNew Canada
Governments across Canada continue to commit record levels of investment towards building new infrastructure to help support community growth, meet modern demand, and replace crumbling assets.
Source: CBC
What two decades of data tell us about Montreal's crumbling water mains.
Investments in infrastructure is to meet the specific needs of rural Ontario municipalities and First Nation communities to help them strengthen their local economies.
Source: Electrical Contractor
On the street reporting about Directional boring showing multiple installation to accommodate future expansion of the networks.
Source: District Energy
Batteries aren’t the only answer to storing energy and meeting consumer demand.
Source: TVO
The pandemic has made more people aware of how few places there are to go – and advocates say it is time to embrace bathrooms as critical public-health infrastructure.
Source: Ontario Waterpower Association
Embedded in dozens of villages, towns, Indigenous communities and cities across Ontario, and offering benefits for all, waterpower truly is the original community power.
Source: Ottawa Construction News
After years of planning and preparation – and work to complete the West Block renovation – the joint venture contractors began inviting bids from sub-trades earlier this year.
Source: Construction Comment
A new director of facilities management has helped to transform some of its procurement practices, and put a number of ambitious new projects on its books.
Are rural Ontario communities capable of responding to infrastructure pressures and opportunities? How does that capacity – or lack thereof – affect a community’s current and future long-term economic development?
Source: Timmins Press
In the end, we would run a train in Northern Ontario because it is basic transportation infrastructure. People do use it and will use it, if run properly.
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Source: Northern Policy Institute
Most recently arguments have been put forward in support of passenger rail on the basis of; tourism, connectivity, equity, and economic spin off. Given this renewed enthusiasm, Northern Policy Institute posed the question to an analyst who has been researching transportation in Canada for many years: Does passenger rail make sense for Northern Ontario?
Source: WSIB
Keeping your team safe and healthy at work is good for business.
Source: Green Tech Media
Dominion is just weeks from installing the second U.S. offshore wind project.
Source: Green Tech Media
Mega-solar projects topping 500 megawatts have cropped up in many regions of the U.S., but land constraints have mostly kept such behemoths out of the Southeast – until now.
Source: Bruce Power
The Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC) will soon launch a new online portal called ‘Strength in Numbers’ to provide local municipalities, businesses and community organizations with access to affordable personal protective equipment (PPE).
Source: iPolitics
Post-COVID-19 stimulus packages comes at a unique time when major disruptions to the economy offer the opportunity to build back better.
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