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At the time of his accident, Schroeder did not have his arc flash suit in his van. “We didn’t get the suits until 2008, and my accident was in 2011,” he said. “I had done the job before with no PPE.”
Source:  IHSA
As an independent contractor or small business employer, it is your duty to keep yourself and your workers healthy and safe.
Source:  IHSA
Near misses are leading indicators of health and safety performance.
Source:  ESA
Operating articulating booms near or under overhead powerlines creates electrical safety hazards to the operators, workers on the job site and members of the public in the vicinity of the equipment.

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Today, there is an inconsistent patch‐work of municipal, provincial, and federal legislation and
regulation governing excavation across Canada. Having clear and consistent requirements and legislation would reduce damages, enhance productivity in construction, and most importantly, improve public, worker, and community safety.
Source:  Water Well Journal
Trench collapse is easily preventable; but they continue to happen because of ignorance of safety rules, lack of supervision, and pressures of time and money.
Source:  Between the Poles
The as-built survey must be certified by a licensed professional engineer or professional land surveyor. Utilities can be held liable, if, during a future project, the utility location accuracy is not within the certified accuracy and results in change orders, delays and other impacts to the project.
Source:  Office of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner
The Scottish Community Apparatus Data Vault was created to enable access to information about all underground pipes and cables from one centralized location.
Source:  KLIP
About 7 million people are living in the Flanders, Belgium region, one of the most densely populated regions in Europe, with a very dense structure of utility networks. Flanders developed the KLIP system, which is a system between map requesters and underground utility network owners.
Source:  ConstructConnect
The C.D. Howe Institute has issued a statement calling for governments to accelerate productivity-enhancing infrastructure projects to provide stimulus.
Source:  ReNew Canada Magazine
Many of the waterpower stations within Canada’s extensive fleet are now entering their golden years.
Source:  News Ontario
The Ontario government is investing more than $2.3 million in seven broadband projects that will support rural and Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario. This funding will connect northerners to reliable broadband infrastructure.
Source:  Northern Ontario Business
A federal environment assessment is being ordered for the Gazoduq Project, a proposed 780-kilometre long natural gas pipeline between Ramore in northeastern Ontario and Saguenay, Que.
Source:  News Ontario
The Ontario government is providing $30 million to build a safer and more reliable transportation system that will help keep goods moving and better connect communities across the province.
Source:  Northern Ontario Business
A half-dozen Northern Ontario communities are among this year’s recipients of Connecting Links funding to help rebuild municipal roads and bridges.
Source:  Simcoe
With the town failing to acquire any significant federal or provincial funding, the majority of the $14.45-million King Street reconstruction project is going fall on the Midland taxpayer.
Source:  On-Site Magazine
Two new Toronto transit tunnels — together, more than a dozen kilometres long — are needed as infrastructure planners begin implementing a multibillion-dollar initiative to greatly expand the city’s transit network.
Source:  Easy Locates
Sometimes big innovations come about because of smaller, incremental advances.
Source:  Tunneling Online
The Underminer Project seeks to merge breakthroughs in horizontal drilling, trenchless boring technologies, and robotics to create a set of systems allowing consistent underground access.
Source:  Pile Buck
Pile driving is the process of installing a pile — a braced, structural column — into the ground without first excavating the area. These piles are driven, pushed or otherwise installed into the ground. As a construction method, pile driving has existed since before humankind was literate. In fact, driven piles are the oldest type of deep foundation.
Source:  Utility Products
There is no comparison to the cost of setting one hundred poles in sand versus hard rock. While a dirt hole can take a crew as little as twenty minutes to dig, solid/hard rock can take anywhere from four to eight hours and longer depending on the location. 
Source:  CBC
Solar energy will cover all of the municipal government's energy needs — from running buildings to lighting streets.
Source:  Green Tech Media
A large number of major US green projects are still moving ahead, each with the opportunity to unlock big amounts of renewable energy and bring it to where it's most acutely needed.
Source:  SOO Green
The SOO Green HVDC Link is a 350-mile 2,100 MW, 525KV underground high-voltage direct current transmission line running along existing rail corridors from Iowa to Illinois.
Source:  New Atlas
The new wooden wind tower is out to improve on significant drawbacks of typical wind towers.
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Subterranean cartographers are bringing to light the dark, tangled truths buried under the streets.
Source:  Canadian Construction Association
In a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has asked that provisional relief be granted to the industry to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on construction companies.
Source:  Equipment World
Over the last several weeks Equipment World editors have spent time trying to get a better understanding of how construction contractors have been impacted.
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The prevailing pandemic related disruption has given rise to a number of unique challenges for businesses, including the construction business. Learn more about the more commonly raised insurance, bonding and general business inquiries from Petrela Winter clients, with our answers provided.
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The IPD model seeks to create a team approach where all parties enter into a single contract, and where the decision making, the risks and the profits are shared. Proponents of the model suggest that this approach should minimize, if not eliminate the adversarial dynamic that can develop when each party pursues its own interests; and hopefully incentivize more cooperative and collaborative relationships.
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