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Source:  Sun Prairie Star
Safety experts describe the regulatory system as toothless. This allows drillers and excavators to routinely flout laws and best practices — sometimes with dangerous results — to cheaply complete underground work that brings internet, phone, water and natural gas to residences and businesses.
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Tips for an Ergonomic Workspace.
Suicide risks in construction, particularly in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, must be addressed as part of a construction company's safety focus.
Source:  ConstrucConnect
As workers step onto the site, they are met with a hygiene regime unheard of before the virus struck. Each worker is screened daily and must go through a sanitization regime prior to site entry.
Source:  Petrela Winter 
As lockdown restrictions are eased across the country and construction projects that were previously shut down are restarted, contractors will face a host of issues and risks in effectively managing project resumption.
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Free webinars to assist construction participants to better manage their risks, including those associated with delay, frustration, force majeure, claims, changes in the work, notice, schedule extensions, suspension of work, termination of contract and dispute resolution.
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Source:  Petrela, Winter and Associates
Contractors that perform any type of excavating or underground services, large or small, have likely felt the sting of increased rates imposed by their Insurance Company. What makes this class of construction that much riskier to Insurers than others?
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Source:  National Driller
Operators and crews need to acquaint themselves with the risks of the jobsite. Training can help.
Source:  Ontario Construction News
The 2020-21 Ontario Connecting Links program will support 24 municipalities across the province to help them build, repair or replace municipal roads and bridges that connect two ends of a provincial highway through a community or to a border crossing.
Source:  ConstructConnect
The heart of the Ontario government civil service’s office is undergoing a massive $1.5 billion deconstruction and reconstruction.
Source:  PGJ Online
Pipelines and their sophisticated control centers – are managing to increasingly harness innovation into more efficiency.
Source:  Electrical Safety Authority
Electricity can jump or arc from the lines to nearby objects, including people or tools. That's why ESA is encouraging everyone in Ontario to practice powerline safety and reminding them to stop, look and live.
Source:  Urban Toronto
Construction milestones are piling on for Metrolinx's new Crosstown LRT, set to connect 19 kilometres of central Toronto with 25 stops and stations upon opening in two years.
Source:  RCCAO
For nearly seven decades, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) managed delivery of rapid-transit projects in Canada’s most populous city. But in 2015, 2.5 years before the opening of the Toronto-York-Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE), the TTC was effectively removed from the project in response to major cost overruns and delays. So, what went wrong?
Source:  National Post
A temporary relaxing of project-specific criterion would allow provinces and municipalities to more quickly move ahead “shovel-ready” projects, various lobby groups say.
Source:  Power
Like its neighbor to the south, Canada faces enormous costs to upgrade and expand its transmission and distribution system. The desire to integrate more renewable power into the grid, build a smarter grid, and export more power are providing the rationale for action, but capital and political will lag behind.
Source:  Water Canada
Over the past 18 months, there has been a great deal of conversation regarding the importance of removing lead infrastructure in Canada.
Source:  ReNew Canada
Getting to a state of good repair often misses the ability to factor the need to modernize the asset and structure the repair in a way that improves climate resilience.
The project adapted Tesla autonomous electric vehicles to deliver high-speed boring at low cost.
High voids in porous asphalt pavements cause water to filter through the pavement structure into an underlying drainage base then into the water table, protecting both the sub-grade and pocketbook of asset owners.
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Source:  AGC
Mobility and real-time access to information are changing the game when it comes to construction workforce management.
Expansion will relieve congestion, shorten commuter time and spur economic growth.
Source:  Utility Products
The facility deployed a high-tech solution to a longstanding problem that has plagued electrical substations — bird roosting and bird droppings.
Source:  Geospacial World
Without accurate maps of underground infrastructure, every construction project has the potential to become a disaster site.
Source:  The Standard
If left unaddressed, the continued erosion of the city-owned shoreline will result in damage to the city right of way, infrastructure, loss of city property and damage to adjacent private residences.
Learn how advances in head protection design help to enhance safety and tailor this critical PPE to jobsite applications.
Source:  Utility Products
Smart PPE patch monitors and relays real-time stress indicators to protect workers against heat injuries and death.
Source:  Job Talks Construction
As a Hydrovac Operator, Jamie uses high pressure water and vacuum to locate and expose underground services. Because he's needed in different locations, Jamie sees many job sites and types of equipment. As he puts it, "It's like playing in a sandbox."
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It is with regret that the ORCGA has decided to cancel the 2020 Locate Rodeo and Excavator Challenge due to public health concerns linked to COVID-19.


We will look to schedule the event again in 2021.
Be safe! 

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If you are looking to make contributions to the damage prevention industry through best practices, reporting and evaluation, or events and communication, the ORCGA committees are looking for your input.

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