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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
State-of-the-art, $270 million facility will produce 60,000 metric tpy of at-home, premium private label tissue paper, including bath and towel, The new tissue paper machine and converting operations will be built at the Calhoun mill in Tennessee.

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Together, Wish of a Lifetime and SCA will fulfill the lifelong wishes of three senior citizens who have overcome challenges in their lives.

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Company is seeking a property tax break to help fund a $160 million chip pulp digester at the company’s Lewiston, Idaho, USA, tissue, pulp, and paperboard mill.

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Forum this past April 20-22 at PaperCon in Atlanta, Ga., USA, had a 52% increase in overall attendance, The Forum’s 11 sessions had a combined attendance of 565, compared with last year’s total sessions count of 370.

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Three new awards will be the Tissue Innovation Award,Tissue Lifetime Achievement Award, and Outstanding Tissue Educator Award.

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The workshop, July 21-22, will guide cross-functional, multi-disciplined management participants through "hands-on" scenarios to better understand and eventually better manage their overall Asset Reliability Maintenance functions. Participants in the workshop experience critical interactions from other departments’ perspectives and learn where the "hidden" opportunities to save real dollars are in their organizations.

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Four awards open for nominations are: Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award, Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award, Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Member Award, and TAPPI Fellow.

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Naylor Association Solutions
Kadant Solutions Division
Market Roundup
The index decreased slightly in April, with the new level currently close to a four-year low.

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"U.S. paper recovery’s ongoing success is possible thanks to the voluntary, market-driven product recovery system," said AF&PA's CEO. AF&PA Board Chairman and Sappi North America President and CEO Mark Gardner added that "industry education programs and initiatives, and the millions of Americans who recycle every day help ensure continuously high paper recovery rates."

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U.S. bleached kraft pulp imports were down 2.8% y/y through the first quarter of this year. Bleached softwood kraft was down 3% and bleached hardwood kraft (BHK) was off by 2.5%.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
Pehart group of companies has three production facilities where it makes tissue paper and converted products (toilet paper, kitchen towels, and napkins) under its own brands—Pufina and Alint. The group also produces private label products for several retailing groups.

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Thomas A. Colgrove, is retiring as president of the company's consumer products division. Patrick T. Burke, who is currently VP of supply chain, will assume the role of SVP and president of the company's consumer products division,

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New machine has a design speed of 2,100 m/min and a width of 2.6 meters. The yankee dryer is manufactured entirely of steel and has a diameter of 4.8 meters.

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Constellation technology introduces an innovative four-roll winding system designed and developed by the Perini Group. Following a study and design period, the rewinding concept was tested on a reduced-scale pilot machine. Industrial-scale production was launched after the rewinding concept was successfully proven on the pilot machine.

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Andromeda represents the next major step forward for this industry, Futura says, noting that it will radically improve operational equipment efficiency and safety while reducing operating costs.

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Mill has successfully brought online a new enMotion towel rewinder with associated converting equipment, representing a multi-million dollar investment.

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Companies are cooperating closely on high efficient hood systems and auxiliaries pertaining to the tissue industry.

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At mill in the Wei County Industrial Park in China's Hebei Province, Orient will produce a line of tissue paper products, including toilet paper, boxed and soft-packed tissues, handkerchief tissues, and paper napkins, as well as bathroom and kitchen paper towels that will be marketed and sold under the Orient Paper brand.

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Expansion is expected, over the coming years, to bring $400 million to $500 million in capital investment, along with up to 200 jobs.

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Advantage DCT 100 tissue machine, supplied by Valmet, increases the company's production of bathroom tissue, towel, and diaper tissue for the Indonesian market, by 25,000 metric tpy. The new tissue line fulfills the company's ambition to produce sustainable products of high quality in a cost-efficient way.

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"Free and undistorted competition is an important cornerstone in every society and for every business operation. We take a very serious view of all cases in which our business is called into question. In this particular area, SCA has a comprehensive, ongoing program for training employees and ensuring adherence to competition rules," said Kersti Strandqvist, SVP, Corporate Sustainability, SCA.

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Company will shut down the Saint-Cyr-en-Val hygiene products mill (currently not competitive) in France (near Orléans) and cease production of hygiene products this October.

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President Karl Meyers has been appointed CEO and SVP of Strategy, and Rob Baron has been named the company’s new president. In addition, longtime tissue and paper industry executives Steve Ziessler and Bob Snyder have joined Soundview’s Board of Managers.

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New Technologies
New air powered vacuum lifter with 180 degree flip is designed for one person to seamlessly lift, tilt, and flip over long, bulky loads made from non- and semi-porous material.

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New product consists of an IBS Super High Vac (SHV) mated with a Transphase Z-Box steam profiler.

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New fabrics are part of the CleanWeave family of dryer fabrics and were especially designed for dryer sections with moderately high temperatures. Pyrox fabrics are made from a blend of hydrolysis resistant PPS and abrasion resistant PET materials.

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Roll covers are specifically engineered to deliver exceptional stability in the most demanding nip conditions, providing long-running dewatering performance and superior resistance to groove closure, which is critical for consistent venting performance.

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Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
Committee discussed new ways to improve safety and reduce downtime, including steel yankee inspections and preventing doctor blade vibration. An extensive discussion of safety topics, including a review of recent yankee incidents was also part of the program.

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Festo Corp
Xerium Technologies, Inc.