Over the Wire - Tissue Edition


Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Four different hand drying methods and three different test models were used to determine differences between the drying methods and their capacity to disperse microbes on the hands of users to other occupants of public washrooms and into the washroom environment.

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Tissue Technology Award and $25,000 prize twas presented to Abdus Salam, graduate student from North Carolina State University, USA.

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Learn about the latest fiber innovations, additives, and yankee coatings to optimize your tissue properties and machine performance at the 2015 TAPPI Tissue360° Forum, April 20-22 in Atlanta, Ga., USA. At the 2015 Forum, sponsored by Toscotec, you will also hear about a recent tissue machine startup in Yangzhou, China, and new equipment innovations. Papers on the latest tissue making technology will be a highlight this year.

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The 2015 OpEx Maintenance and Reliability Workshop at PaperCon 2015 next week in Atlanta, Ga., USA, will begin with "keynote" presentations by Tor Idhammar, president of IDCON out of Raleigh, N.C., USA, and John Crowe, ex-CEO of Buckeye Technologies Inc., Memphis, Tenn.

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As a bonus, attendees can visit the sold-out PaperCon Exhibit Hall Tuesday and the Tissue360° Forum sessions on Wednesday, April 22, before the course begins.

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Learn more about new on-line basis weight sensor for tissue technology by joining a TAPPI webinar on Tuesday, June 9, 12-1 p.m. ET.

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The Tissue360° Forum, April 20-22, at PaperCon 2015 in Atlanta, Ga., USA, features an expert panel that will discuss the challenges of yankee doctor vibration, including the most common tools and techniques to diagnose and control this challenging area.

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Beginning at 7:00 p.m., April 20, at the Atlanta Convention Center America’s Mart, the Gala promises to be an exciting evening. Attendees will have the opportunity to celebrate the past, present, and future potential of the global pulp, paper, packaging, and related industries while interacting with industry professionals and enjoying dinner and entertainment provided by Juice Studios.

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Naylor Association Solutions
Kadant Solutions Division
Market Roundup
Sales in the U.S. of what the paper and tissue industry calls "luxury" rolls — anything quilted, lotioned, perfumed, or ultra-soft, from two- to four-ply — climbed to $1.4 billion last year, outpacing all other kinds of toilet paper for the first time in nearly a decade.

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Report updates converted product shipments, parent roll production and prices, operating rates, and capacity changes.

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The slight February decline in the index represents the fourth decline in the past five months.

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Recovered paper pricing has been in a slump in late 2014 and early 2015, according to U.S.-based paper and recycling industry consultant Bill Moore of Moore & Associates.

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Prices have trended downward for much of the past three and a half years, but broke in late 2014 and early 2015 when prices slowly started to increase.

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In the first two months of 2015, Brazilian pulp production increased 10.3% year-over-year, totaling 2.8 million metric tons.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
Machine speed will be 2,000 m/min. with a net trim width of 2,820 mm and a daily production of 110 metric tons for the customer consumer and away from home markets.

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New machine at Cartiera della Basilica, Bagni di Lucca (LU), Italy is a MODULO-PLUS crescent former with double press configuration and steel yankee dryer TT SYD-3200MM, with a maximum speed of more than 1,500 m/min.

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New line includes an AHEAD-1.5S crescent former tissue machine with a single-layer headbox, single press configuration, and a steel yankee dryer (TT SYD-15FT).

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Rebuild will increase energy efficiency and improve product properties as well as performance, runnability, and work environment. TM 1 is located at Hayat Kimya's mill in Yeniköy, near the city of Izmit in Turkey.

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Petri Helsky, M.Sc (Chem. Eng.), M.Sc (Econ), has been named CEO of Metsä Tissue Corp., Finland, and a member of Metsä Group’s Executive Management Team.

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Company's $135 million investment to expand fluff pulp production at Riegelwood, N.C., will convert the mill to 100% fluff and softwood pulp production, adding an incremental 400,000 tons of capacity, with ongoing flexibility to shift between the two products.

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New A.Celli pope reel for the tissue machine at Kimberly-Clark’s Romagnano Sesia, Italy, mill has met all production expectations.

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Following the recent startup of a new $6 million biomass steam turbine and condenser system, Mill in Lincoln, Maine, USA, reportedly is approaching energy self-sufficiency.

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New valve and field device service center in Querétaro, Mexico offers the latest technology and know-how to carry out high-quality maintenance and repair work on Metso and third-party devices such as valves, actuators, and pumps.

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PM 7 process line at the Miltenberg, Germany, headquarters of Fripa Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG, has now achieved a production speed of 2,100 m/min, making it one of the most efficient tissue machines currently operating worldwide.

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New station in Finland will produce process steam for the SCA Hygiene Products paper mill and the Nokian Renkaat factory, as well as district heat for Leppäkosken Lämpö's district heat customers.

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PrimeLineTM W8 machine (PM 28) at the Yanzhou mill, Shandong Province, has a design speed of 2,000 m/min. and a width of 5.62 meters. The yankee, manufactured entirely of steel, has a diameter of 18 ft.

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All assets associated with the Solenis pulp and paper business represented by Connell Bros. Co. (India) Private Limited in India are a part of the deal, including the sales, technical, and operating personnel directly related to the paper unit, as well as an AKD emulsion manufacturing facility.

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PRODERGY is the first tissue machine to unite top performance in terms of production and end product quality with maximum energy efficiency, as a result of a special configuration of the drying section.

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New Technologies
CeraEdge uses a thermal spray technology to produce a unique ceramic-tipped blade that provides tissue producers with excellent creping performance in terms of operating life and tissue softness.

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New paper towels can be disposed of directly in the WC (bathroom) without clogging up the waste system.

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New G110M motor-integrated drive is the latest innovation in Siemens Integrated Drive System (IDS) offering. It offers a flexible control, integrated safety, simple installation, and space-saving design.

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Portable, machinery diagnostic tool allows mechanics and maintenance technicians to check the health of any rotating machine, as needed, in a matter of minutes.

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Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
TAPPI’s largest committee will hold its Spring 2015 meeting April 22-23 at the Omni CNN Center in Atlanta, Ga., USA. The committee will discuss new ways to improve safety and reduce downtime, including steel yankee inspections, doctor blade vibration systems, and a review of recent yankee incidents.

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Festo Corp
Xerium Technologies, Inc.