Over the Wire - Tissue Edition


Metso Paper
Issue Spotlight
Procter & Gamble and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL), have signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to develop new tools to optimize sustainability improvements in manufacturing facilities, and their associated supply chains.

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Course being conducted November 7-9 in Neenah, Wis., USA, is being taught by technical experts in each area of the machine from wet end operations through creping and process control.

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Voith Paper
Kadant Inc.
Naylor, LLC
From The Experts
The first European tissue investment in North America since SCA acquired G-P's AFH business in 2001, Sofidel's recent acquisition of Florida-based Cellynne comes at a time when North American producers have exited Europe.

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Market Roundup
Global pulp demand is weak and softwood prices remain under pressure, with N.A.producers announcing August NBSK at $850/metric ton, -$30/metric ton m/m, and spot NBSK prices much lower.

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The summer lull by paper producers and the global economic downturn made life difficult for European pulp manufacturers in July, according to a report by EUWID, Germany, which notes that industry experts all agree that further price reductions are going to occur in softwood pulp.

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Wood costs for many European pulp mills have fallen the past six months as the pulp market has weakened. In the Nordic countries, pulp log and wood chip prices have fallen 11% -15% from last spring.

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North American June pulp shipments fell 5.5% y/y and 2.9% on a sequential basis, according to Mark Wilde of Deutsche Bank, citing Pulp and Paper Products Council (Montreal, Qué., Canada) data.

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The global pulp market is mired in uncertainty—uncertainty about when China will move into buying mode, uncertainty about where the European economy is heading, and uncertainty if low spot prices for softwood market pulp will push pulp mills in Europe and North America to take market-related downtime.

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Domtar, Montreal, Que., Canada, cut the North American price for its two grades of bleached softwood kraft (BSK) pulp by $30/ metric ton, effective August 1.

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
Cascades Inc. today permanently closed its Cascades Tissue Group plant located in Scarborough (McNicoll Street),Toronto, which specialized in paper napkins for the away-from-home market, mainly for quick service restaurants.

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Fabrica de Papel San Francisco, Baja California, Mexico, has ordered from Metso, Finland, a new tissue paper machine to be installed at its tissue mill in Mexicali, Baja California.

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Supplied by Andritz, the PrimeDry Steel Yankee (4.9 m dia and 6.2 m shell length) is installed in the new Andritz PM 15 tissue machine.

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New 1,650 m/min, 2.85 m. wide tissue machine is scheduled for startup at the end of 2013.

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International Paper Co. has started fluff pulp production at its Franklin, Va., mill, with 200 employees.

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Metsä Tissue, Finland, reports that two of its mills suffered some damage from flooding in parts of the Småland province in southeastern Sweden.

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Precot Meridian Ltd., Coimbatore, India, has ordered a new Jetlace nonwovens production line from Andritz to produce spunlace fabrics for the hygiene and medical industries.

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To strengthen its corporate identity in the market through its products, PMT Italia, Italy, has reorganized its products into three new ranges.

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Purchase price of Georgia-Pacific's European tissue business (EMEA ) totals EUR 1.32 billion on a debt-free basis. Acquired operations had sales in 2011of EUR 1.25 billion.

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SCA will divest the 55,000 metric tpy Llangynwyd Mill in Bridgend, U.K., the 22,000 metric tpy Drammen mill in Norway, and the tissue converting plant in Horwich, Lancashire, U.K.

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Joséphine Edwall-Björklund, SCA's new SVP, corporate communications, has held leading positions in communications since 1988.

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Tak Investments, Gaithersburg, Md., USA, is investing some $60 million to establish a recycled tissue plant at International Paper’s Franklin, Va., mill.

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Toscotec, Italy, reports that it has begun building the first TT SYD-18FT (18 ft-dia Yankee dryer) at its specialized workshop in Marlia, Lucca (Italy).

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New Technologies
Cascades Tissue Group has announced commercial line expansions of its Cascades Moka 100% recycled unbleached bathroom tissue offerings.

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​Kemira, Finland, has introduced KemFlite, a new concept to reduce paper and board machine problems caused by deposits due to the agglomeration of hydrophobic particles.

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Metsä Tissue reports that it has "renewed" the product range of its Serla brand with new product quality and packaging, referring to improvements in both household towel and toilet paper qualities.

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Voith Paper, Germany, has launched NipVision, an online and real-time measurement tool using the latest roll cover technology.

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Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee
The TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability (YDS&R) Committee will meet November 5-6 in Neenah, Wis., USA, at the Miron Construction facilities, 1471 McMahon Dr.

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