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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
Project will include a tissue paper machine with a capacity between 35,000 and 40,000 tpy and two converting lines with converting capacity between 30,000 and 32,000 tpy, which are capable of producing value through ultra-premium grades of tissue products.
Guests were served nostalgic diner foods such as grilled cheese, pie and milkshakes, and enjoyed music and videos showcasing the brand’s earliest years.
Survey will allow those who participate to see how their compensation and benefits compare with others in their industry.
Mills are now saving time and money previously needed for nuclear safety training, licenses, and specialized service and safety requirements.
Third annual Tissue360° Forum, held April 20-22 in Atlanta, Ga., USA, was the highest attended ever, with its 10 peer-reviewed, noncommercial sessions drawing 30% more attendees than 2014 and receiving very high ratings.
Three awards will recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of tissue and converting technologies. Inaugural awards will be presented at the 2016 Tissue360° Forum, May 16-18, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Awards include the Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award, the Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award, the Paul W. Magnabosco Outstanding Local Section Member Award, and the TAPPI Fellow Award.
Naylor Association Solutions
Kadant Solutions Division
Market Roundup
Report is a professional, in-depth research report on the world's major regional market conditions of the paper napkins and serviettes basic industry, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe, and Asia) and the main countries (U.S.States, Germany, Japan, and China) throughout this past year.
Agreement is for the supply of eucalyptus pulp that will be produced at the new Klabin mill under construction in Ortigueira, Paraná (Puma Project). With a production capacity of 1.5 million metric typy, which include 1.1 million tons of hardwood pulp, the mill's startup is expected in 2016.
Wood fiber costs for pulp mills in the U.S. South were substantially lower than the costs for pulp companies in the rest of the U.S. in the 1Q/15. Prices for softwood residual chips in the Southern states were more than 30% lower than in the Northeast, Lake States, and the Northwest.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
New tissue machine has a 2,800-mm web width, a working speed of 1,500 m/min, and a production capacity of 65 metric tpd.
Arkhbum has selected suppliers from key equipment and machinery, including Andritz, which will provide the 200 metric tpd tissue machine that will use 100% virgin pulp, and also will supply cogeneration equipment. The cost of this project is EUR 110 million ($118 million).
State-of-the-art converting line at Candiac plant is for the manufacture of high-quality paper towels. Upgrade of two converting lines in Candiac and Kingsey Falls will also produce high-end tissue products.
EUR 18 million ($25 million) Voith tissue machine at the company’s Capitán Bermúdez mill in Santa Fe province has a wire width of 2,760 mm and runs at 1,800 m/min, producing around 30,000 metric tpy of 15–21 gsm basis weight toilet tissue and kitchen roll from virgin fiber.
Company announced the retirement of Thomas A. Colgrove as president of the company's consumer products division. Patrick T. Burke, who currently serves as the company's VP of supply chain, will assume the role of SVP and president of the company's consumer products division.
With a net web width of 2,820 mm and a maximum drying capacity of 120 metric tpd, the new tissue line has a capacity of 35,000 metric tpy.
G-P and MetLife has split ownership of the 52-story, iconic downtown Atlanta headquarters building through a joint venture since its construction in 1982. The transaction now places MetLife's interest with an affiliate of G-P's parent company, Koch Industries Inc.
Company has completed the installation of previously purchased packaging equipment at the company's Wei County Industrial Park facility for its tissue paper packaging production lines and has commenced trial production.
CEO A.G. Lafley to step down as soon as this summer and hand the top job to an internal successor.
New tissue production line is due to be installed at the company’s Pilar plant province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, where startup is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.
Widening the product portfolio, based on Intelli-Tissue® and Intelli-Technology® platforms, is a natural progression of PMP’s development and is beneficial both for the company's customers (more solutions available as well as opportunities for technological development and optimization) and for PMP Group (increased competitiveness).
Anders Nyrén has left his assignment as chairman of the SCA Board of Directors, Stockholm, Sweden, effective April 30.
After the rebuild, the plant will produce both eucalyptus fluff pulp and coated/uncoated woodfree paper. Startup is set for the fourth quarter of this year.
PM 5 at the Mersin mill in Turkey, was recently started up by a joint Valmet and Hayat Kimya team, coming smoothly on stream according to schedule and producing sellable paper from the very start. The new PM 4 at Hayat Kimya's new Alabuga mill in Tartarstan, Russia, was started up this past December.
Valmet is channeling the EUR 10,000 contribution through a humanitarian organization, the Finnish Red Cross. The donation is targeted at first aid and rebuilding work.
Company announced the hiring of industry veterans Brian Powers, as VP–sales and marketing; John Formon, as VP–innovation; and G. Randall Hetland, as director of converting.
Advantage DCT 100 tissue machine, supplied by Valmet (Finland), increases the company's production of bathroom tissue, towel, and diaper tissue for the Indonesian market, by 25,000 metric tpy.
New Technologies
Cutting edge offering incorporates rapidly renewable plant-based fiber, such as wheat straw and bamboo, into Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products.
New paper towel-based wiper is designed to meet the needs of clients in lint and static electricity-sensitive industries such as electronics, aircraft manufacturing, printing, vehicle painting, and food processing.
Testing machine is now featuring a touch-screen control panel and the ability to interface with MAP-4 Advanced Materials Testing Software.
Interactive application enables users to locate and select the correct roll cover for any paper, board, or tissue production line roll positions, as well as for pulp drying machines.
Newly developed functionality for the company’s patented SMART Technology platform provides tissue, paper, and paperboard manufacturers real-time diagnostics and production optimization data for their suction roll press positions
Festo Corp
Xerium Technologies, Inc.

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