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A Note From The President
"First, we are designing plays that will maximize our talent. PMPI’s service and professional development opportunities for its members will be expanding in 2014-2015. New educational and networking opportunities will be unveiled, as well as some true team efforts collaborating with other industry partners and affiliates in the D.C. area. Look for a big announcement regarding these developments to come very soon.

"Second, we are creating a comprehensive playbook that encompasses all of our talent. In order to better understand our members, PMPI will be engaging this fall in focus groups and task force initiatives to better understand the needs and talents of team PMPI. We want our members to help us craft new tools that will meet their professional and technological needs, as well as begin the transition into an online platform that will provide relevant training and professional development materials at your fingertips." 

"And finally, as I mentioned before, we are officially now talent scouting. At our spring training (or Board Retreat as some may know it), I challenged the Board to strengthen our roster. Not only does PMPI rely on the skill sets of our current members to develop, but we also require new team members who can continue to help us redefine and enhance how we do business. Starting now, our teams are officially in scouting mode, and will be actively seeking you to join a committee. New recruitment and engagement tools are in place for the year, including our "scouting" event at Summer Sizzle on August 19 at the new rooftop of the Embassy Row Hotel. See you there!"

"Again, I am truly honored to be coaching Team PMPI. Thank you all for your support. Time to get training and creating MVPs."
Galveston Island CVB
For planners, the most important application is the meeting app. At a minimum, these apps need to be the go-to place for the show’s schedule, the individual’s itinerary and maps. Apps are also taking on many other duties: social networking, exhibitor/sponsor guides, speaker directories, audience response systems, surveys and more.

Responsive Websites
Individuals are engaging your meeting website on his or her laptop, smartphone or tablet. Now, responsive websites alter the display based on the capabilities of the viewing device and provides a great solution.. 

The process of using game techniques to engage show attendees and solve problems is called gamification. Mobile apps are at the heart of this growing trend and attendees love the level of interaction they provide. Applications range from scavenger hunts using QR codes, to quizzes and game shows.

Social Media
Tweets, photos, blogs, posts videos and more are being created at conferences. A number of software tools can take this information, coupled with the information the show producers generate, to create "stories" about the conference. Social media monitors strategically located on the conference floor are becoming very popular as well.

Geo-fencing refers to creating a virtual "perimeter" around a specific area. An attendee, when in the zone, can be given special offers, notices or announcements. Companies will be rolling out "beacon" technology over the upcoming months to make these virtual areas more accessible with your mobile device. Expect to see big ticket players like Apple taking this technology to a high level.

Wearable and Internet Everywhere
Expect Google Glass to start making a big splash at shows soon. Glass is part of a general trend to make everything Internet-aware. Networked wearable devices such as watches and wristbands are expecting huge growth in the near future. The list includes wristbands that track attendee interactions and apps that can broadcast from a smartphone rather than an expensive central A/V system.

On the Way Out
The big loser here is the printed program. Mobile friendly and 100 percent green websites and apps have greatly increased the demise of the big booklet. If you have not started toning down your printed program, you should consider heading toward a mobile-only version.
K.C. Hopson, President of EventRebels, has been doing business with meeting planners who have need for technology solutions for more than 10 years. He frequently writes about meetings technology on his company’s blog. K.C. is currently serving his second tour of duty on the board of PMPI. 
Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau
Upcoming Events

PMPI Summer Sizzle & Committee Draft Day

Come join PMPI for our Summer Sizzle and join Team PMPI! 

Summer Sizzle, PMPI’s summer networking event, is a great way to come meet old friends, network with new, and take a look that the different committees you can become a part of with PMPI. 

Which team is best for you to suit up? MACE? PR and Marketing? Membership? Come and find out what PMPI has to offer and how you can get involved. 

PMPI asks you to be responsible. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly, and don't drink and drive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m.

The Roof Top at the Embassy Row Hotel
2015 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC
Metro: DuPont Circle


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News and Announcements
By Alexis B. La Broi, MBA, CMP, Media Vision, Inc.,
PMPI Co- Chair Publications Committee, PMPI FYI

The PMPI New Year is here, and with it brings the excitement of new possibilities and opportunities. I hope that PMPI has afforded all of you the opportunity to make new connections the way that it has for me. BUY PMPI is our campaign that helps track those new business connections you make with other members when you share a business opportunity, receive a business opportunity due to sponsoring a PMPI event, help a member secure a resource he/ she needs, or help a member find a career opportunity.

As an incentive to keep you sharing, buying and submitting, we had a drawing in Q1 and Q2 to thank those who are participating in the program. Congratulations to our winners in Q1: Nicole Ratner, CAE, CMP, and Carrie Mitchell; and Q2: Katie Herritage and Carole Lucas.

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted their story!

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