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Check out the fun below from MPI Potomac Chapter Derby Days and Silent Auction held May 2!
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The meeting booked, attendees are registered and now another event wants your space. Learn from a panel of meeting professionals with real experience on how to deal with large events that can disrupt a city and your event by talking to cities that know big events.

Thursday, May 19, 2016
11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Mason & Rook
1430 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Metro: DuPont Circle
Washington, D.C. 20005
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As a manager in a conference space, hotel ballroom or convention center, or a user of meeting space in your office, you may not know exactly what equipment to purchase to replace your old equipment. If you have built-in audiovisual systems in your meeting spaces that are five years old, it may be time to replace or upgrade those items. Click "Learn More" to find out a few telltale signs that can help you know when to replace or upgrade your equipment.
Silent mentors are people you’ve never talked with, but who have influenced you in some meaningful way. Don’t try to emulate the whole person, just one or two positive parts that you perceive in that person. The key is to look for good characteristics that you admire in people and then try to make them part of yourself.

Characters in a film or a television show or a novel, famous people, authors and speakers who give advice, or even a person in your company who works at a different location from where you work can all be silent mentors. Over my lifetime I have had several dozen silent mentors. They were people I observed, read about, or heard of, and each of them gave me something to consider using in my own life. I learned a great deal more from these silent mentors than I did in all the years I was in the classroom combined.
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"Camaraderie, personal and professional development," Melissa sings the praises of being involved in MPI. Melissa has been more than inspiration and a devoted MPI Potomac Chapter member (and MPI member for 25 years this November), but her contributions have been a driving force to our chapter’s success!

Melissa first joined MPI while living in St. Louis. As a working senior sales manager in a hotel, new to the city, she felt compelled to join. MPI’s St. Louis Chapter enabled her to connect with new people and make friends in a new city. MPI made it easy. Melissa said, "I already had something in common with the chapter members."
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