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A Visit with MPI Potomac Chapter Past President: Melissa Benowitz, CMP, PMPI President 2000-2001

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"Camaraderie, personal and professional development." Melissa sings the praises of being involved in PMPI. Melissa has been more than an inspiration and a devoted PMPI chapter member (and MPI member for 25 years this November), but her contributions have been a driving force to our chapter’s success.
Melissa first joined MPI while living in St. Louis. As a working senior sales manager in a hotel, new to the city, she felt compelled to join. MPI’s St. Louis Chapter enabled her to connect with new people and make friends in a new city. MPI made it easy. Melissa said, "I already had something in common with the chapter members."

When Melissa moved back to D.C., she went to her director of marketing hoping she could join PMPI. Her first PMPI event as a new PMPI member was the annual awards luncheon. Surprisingly, it was the perfect event to begin her adventure. " I loved it because it gave a full review of what the chapter what was doing and accomplishing. Looked like they were doing such great things, I wanted to get on board." Within a month of being a member, Melissa attended WEC. She found it to be a little intimidating, knowing only  a few members from the PMPI, and her former chapter member from the St. Louis chapter.
But, the power of PMPI’s camaraderie shown through. She met Katherine Cochran and they became great friends. Katherine has proved to be a great influencer on leadership involvement. Within the next six months, Melissa was placed on committees and finally worked her way up to being president. Melissa’s advice: Get involved, don’t just join, get involved. Professional and personal development opportunities await. "You only get out of it what you put into it. You will get more back than you can imagine."


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