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PMPI January Educational Experience: Planners are from Saturn, Suppliers are from Venus: Interpreting the Strange Languages and Habits of Two Alien Species

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Planners and suppliers often think they speak the same language, but two years of research has proven quite the opposite to Shawna Suckow, CMP, author of the book Planner Pet Peeves and the follow-up book, Supplier Pet Peeves (published in January 2013).

Planners are people-pleasers by nature, and may not always be forthcoming if relationships can be damaged. Suppliers want to put their best products and services forward, but they most often are left to guess at what the market really wants and expects from them.

Then there’s the trend of planners not answering the phone, not responding to emails, and generally making it harder for suppliers to build relationships. Join Shawna as she pulls back the curtain and shares what each side is thinking and doing—and how it is interpreted by the other—in a funny but impactful look at how we all can do better and drive each other a little less crazy.

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