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Career Journey Pit Stop Ahead: MPI Potomac by Tammy Kockaya, President, MPI Potomac Chapter

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to facilitate a training for a manager-level, all-female audience on Accelerating Your Career Potential. I was inspired by this group of high-performing women and came away with leadership lessons as I continue along my own career journey.

As I have reflected on this experience, I am reminded that we should all be driving our own career potential ... but what does this mean? It means raising our hand and volunteering for opportunities both inside and outside the day-job to practice or develop new skills. It means letting others know that you want to be involved and will make time to be successful at the opportunities identified. It means applying for positions, both paid and unpaid, that we may not feel quite as confident in, but the answer is always "no" if we do not throw our hat in the ring. It means looking up from our "to do" list, email and day-to-day pressures to reach out a hand and bring others along on their career journey as well. It means being a mentor and mentoring, being a sponsor and sponsoring someone else, and striving to be the best version of a leader that we can be. It means doing our best in whatever we commit to, which will create the next opportunity, and then doing our best in that opportunity to create the next.

With the start of the new board year, MPI Potomac is ramping up with our committee volunteers and co-chairs for these committees. There are opportunities across the organization to give as much as our members are able. Please plan to attend our upcoming Summer Sizzle Networking Event and Committee Fair on Tuesday, August 23 at the newly renovated Watergate Hotel. Each of our chapter leaders and committees will be there to highlight our many opportunities to become engaged or continue to be engaged in our chapter. If it is not possible to attend this event in person, please visit our website where we will begin posting committee co-chair and volunteer positions available. If there is an opportunity that looks interesting to you, a team member or an industry colleague, please let us know so we align your interests and skills to get you started or continue your volunteer journey. Our annual board of directors selection process will begin in December, and we hope to at least double (or triple) our prior year applications with qualified applicants. If serving on the board is your calling, then the first step is to get involved at the committee or co-chair level and let us know that being on the board is a career aspiration. We are also pleased to share with you that as a result of our three-year strategic plan (more to come on this in the September Engage magazine), we will create additional volunteer opportunities to be a part of a task force or lead a special project in support of our initiatives.

It is our hope that as you map out the road you will take to drive and accelerate your own career that MPI Potomac will be a pit stop (or two or three) along your journey. We hope you will stay awhile and contribute just as much as you learn. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or any member of our leadership team, with questions, concerns, or ways that we can be a part of helping you drive your career potential.

See you at Summer Sizzle as it will be An Affair to Remember!


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