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The Age of Trial and Error is Over!

OCULUS Pentacam® for efficient specialty lens fitting

Do you want to fit custom scleral lenses like a pro? With the optional CSP Report, 250 Scheimpflug images covering a diameter of up to 18 mm are taken in the measuring process. This allows the Pentacam® to map the entire sclera up to 18mm providing an unprecedented amount of data to make you a scleral contact lens fitting pro.

Your Benefit:

  • All images of a Cornea Scleral Profile (CSP) scan are taken from the same visual axis without the need for eye movement.
  • The CSP scan is a tear film independent measurement with automatic release. This means that the values from the CSP Report are as reproducible as all other data measured with the Pentacam®.
  • A direct link to external fitting software for scleral lenses is available
    • Wave Contact Lens software
    • ScanFit Pro

Visit www.oculususa.com/lensfitting to learn more.


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