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The iDetect KC Program
Keratoconus Care Starts with You

Glaukos has partnered with Topcon Healthcare to offer an advanced topography system so you can put the power of this trusted and essential diagnostic tool into your practice and integrate three pillars of modern KC care:

  • Early Diagnosis and Monitoring: Identify patients sooner and monitor them for progression with advanced topography so you can preserve vision with earlier intervention
  • Slow or Halt Progression: Offer FDA-approved treatments to manage, slow or halt the progression of KC
  • Patient Retention: Provide lifelong care and expertise for your patients

The iDetect KC program makes advanced topography more accessible than ever before with a low cost of entry that allows you and your practice to advance patient care. As part of the program, you are also invited to participate in a scientific data registry to contribute to the advancement of keratoconus care. Don’t miss the opportunity to simplify the diagnostic and treatment journey and retain greater control over the patient experience!

Learn more about the iDetect KC Program: www.idetectkc.com 

Learn more about the CA-800 Corneal Analyzer: https://topconhealthcare.com/products/ca-800/


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