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CooperVision Doubles Prescription Options for Biofinity® XR toric Contact Lenses

Building on its global leadership in toric contact lenses, CooperVision has introduced an even broader range of expanded parameters for its trusted Biofinity® XR toric lenses. The substantial addition of sphere powers from ±10.50D to ±20.00D nearly doubles the number of available prescription options specific to this lens, making it easier than ever for eye care professionals to fit virtually any patient with astigmatism.

“The ability to provide even the most challenging astigmatic patients with the numerous lifestyle benefits associated with contact lenses can be instrumental to help grow an eye care practice,” said Michele Andrews, OD, Vice President of Professional & Government Affairs, Americas, CooperVision. “Historically, these patients have often been told they can’t wear contact lenses. Proving to them that it’s possible will earn you a lifetime of loyalty and thanks.”

Now available in nearly 33,000 prescriptions, Biofinity® toric is the most prescribed toric lens on the market1 and offers more prescription options than all other monthly replacement silicone hydrogel toric lenses combined2. This unrivaled range of parameters drives patient satisfaction, as eye care professionals are able to customize each fit to provide patients a combination of high oxygen permeability and all-day comfort, regardless of the amount of their astigmatism. Biofinity® toric and Biofinity® XR toric are available in the following prescription options:

Biofinity® toric

Sphere Power (DS) Cylinder Power (DC) Axes °
+8.00D to -10.00D (0.50 steps)

-0.75, -1.25, -1.75,


10° to 180° (in 10° steps)

Biofinity® XR toric

Sphere Power (DS) Cylinder Power (DC) Axes °
+10.50 to +20.00D and -10.50 to -20.00 (0.50 steps)

-0.75, -1.25, -1.75,

-2.25, -2.75, -3.25,

-3.75, -4.25, -4.75,

-5.25, -5.75

5° to 180° (in 5° steps)

“CooperVision’s toric portfolio has long been unmatched in the industry3, and we’re proud to raise the bar even higher,” Dr. Andrews said. “It is our mission to help improve the way people see each day. To do so, we strive to develop lenses to fit every eye and provide the options that eye care professionals want for their patients. There is even more to come this summer with an expansion for MyDay® toric.”

Biofinity® XR toric is a fully cast molded made to order lens that feature Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™, which provides the same uniform horizontal ISO thickness and optimized ballast band design as Biofinity® toric, making it an easy-to-fit, stable toric lens with excellent visual acuity4. Its optimized, continuous surface ensures that the eyelid interacts with a smooth lens surface on every blink, resulting in a more comfortable wearing experience5.

To help streamline the fitting process and minimize chair time, CooperVision offers the OptiExpert™ fitting app. The easy-to-use app includes a toric calculator that calculates and suggests the recommended Biofinity® toric or Biofinity® XR toric contact lens for each patient.

For more information on Biofinity® XR toric, visit https://coopervision.com/practitioner/our-products/biofinity-family/biofinity-biofinity-xr.

1 CVI data on file, 2019. US industry reports and internal estimates.

2 CVI data on file 2021. Based on number of monthly SiHy toric prescription options available in the USA reported by the four main manufacturers and the SKU expansion for Biofinity® XR toric (1H’21).

3 CooperVision Data on File 2019. Based on Rx option combinations (sph, cyl, axis & ADD) manufactured, across all soft lenses in sphere, toric & multifocal (including made to order), in SiHy and hydrogel from four main manufacturers. Includes 1-Day, 2 weekly, and monthly disposable contact lenses. Cosmetic & Photochromatic contact lenses not included. Multiple base curve variants not included.

4 CooperVision data on file 2019; prospective, double masked, bilateral, randomized, cross-over dispensing study n=39 habitual soft toric wearers.

5 Study compared the made-to-order (MTO) lens design of the Biofinity XR toric and stock Biofinity toric lens in the core range over six hours of wear.



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