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Are We Ready For Self-Driving Cars?

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Are We Ready For Self-Driving Cars?

Spring is here, and with it comes the season of road trips. This got us to thinking about Berkeley Optometry Magazine's recent interview with Professor Bruno Olshausen about the challenge of replicating the awesome power of the human visual system, and how that relates to the development of autonomous vehicles. 

For as much as we know about how human vision works, and for as good as we already are at making robots do amazing things, combining those two knowledge bases is jaw-droppingly complex. The sheer number of calculations and interpretations that it takes to do something as simple as drive around the block is a problem of daunting size.

Olshausen said, “The problem of making autonomous vehicles safe is just orders of magnitude more difficult than anybody realizes.” Happy motoring!

Link to full article: https://optometry.berkeley.edu/are-we-ready-for-self-driving-cars/


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