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2020 was a year fraught with racially charged events that have changed the very nature of our society and our construction industry. February is Black History Month, and the OGCA wants to acknowledge that efforts are now being made to make our industry a more equitable and inclusive place to work. Things are changing for the better.

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Black Canadians, and Black Canadian Construction workers in particular, have often been a forgotten part of Canadian History. For Black History Month, we would like to shed light on the history of black workers in our industry and our society at large.

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Conducting an appropriate harassment investigation is a critical component of maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, an employer is required by law to conduct an investigation in response to an allegation of workplace harassment. 

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Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
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The Government of Ontario has launched an online consultation on Digital Identity. The consultation, available at Ontario.ca/digitalID, will be open from February 2, 2021 until February 26, 2021 and feature surveys for members of the public and small-to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs), as well as subsequent virtual focus groups for SMEs to be organized in the near future.

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Build Smarter and Accelerate Innovation through Technology with Aon
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.®
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2020 presented the construction industry with our most significant health and safety challenges to date. OGCA, IHSA and the League of Champions have focused on providing the construction industry with the information and tools to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the extreme challenges, our industry has successfully remained open and continues to keep workers safe.

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On November 22, 2019, the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development announced the Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers (SOSE) Program, led by the Office of the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). Today, I am happy to provide you with an important update on this program.

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Ontario Pipe Trades Council
The United Association (UA) has been training qualified piping professionals for over 150 years. With 17 state-of-the-art training centres, we train: Steam/Pipefitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler fitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Plumbers, Instrumentation Mechanics and Welders. Stay ahead of the curve, and stay on time and on budget with our superior piping skills.
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Every employment relationship comes to an end. Although termination of employment can trigger potential liability for an employer, liability can often be minimized or eliminated with planning and sound decision-making. 

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Employers have a legal obligation to ensure managers and supervisors are "competent." This half-day due diligence course provides managers and supervisors with practical knowledge to identify, assess and control hazards, and effectively implement their organization's OHS management system and the legal duty under the Criminal Code will also be addressed.

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No matter what the size of the project, CMiC delivers everything you need to run all of your jobs in one place – effective collaboration, communications, control, direction and project tracking. Improved workflows ensure that field teams are able to easily communicate issues, report RFIs, distribute documents, track activities and collaborate more effectively. 
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