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For the last few months, the overriding central topic of discussion for the OGCA, our members, industry stakeholders, the media and especially the buyers of construction, has been the subject of price volatility and supply chain risks. The impetus for these sudden and erratic spikes in material costs has been linked directly and indirectly to COVID-19 and the difficulties that have manifested in both the production and distribution of goods used in construction. Although we do not see a clear signal that the price irregularities will quickly dissipate, the OGCA has been very active on behalf of our members to minimize the impacts.
The OGCA has been made aware of onerous tender language in existing and pending Region of Peel projects that may adversely affect the general contractors bidding the projects. The onerous language in question is centered on the Region of Peel mandating 2 PAID SICK LEAVE days for every employee in their tenders that are in addition to any provincially mandated COVID-19 requirements.
The past 16 months have placed difficult conditions on the construction industry, ranging from shutdowns, supply chain interruptions, increased health and safety restrictions, uncomfortable testing procedures, and overall increases in costs. Thankfully, we are finally in a position that first and second vaccinations are available to all adults in Ontario, subject to medical conditions. As we slowly return to normal, employers need to understand their obligations under 25(2)(h) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to "take every precaution reasonable in the circumstance for the protection of workers." For some employers, this will include creating and maintaining a workplace vaccine policy to record who has been vaccinated and can work safely with others.

It is with our sincere condolences that we announce the passing of the father of David Frame (OGCA's Director of Government Relations). Andy Frame passed away on Friday, June 25, at Joseph Brant Hospital, at the great age of 94. What an incredible life he led!

To read more about this remarkable man's life, please click here to read the article posted in the Hamilton Spectator.

Trisura Guarantee goes A Step Above
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian specialty insurance and surety company with a passionate team that committed to fresh thinking and new ideas. In an industry that is beginning to adapt to the digital age, we’re leading the way with innovative processes that perfectly pair with our expertise in the field, delivering the results our clients are looking for seamlessly.
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Industry News

Canada is leading the world when it comes to the share of its population being vaccinated against COVID-19, with 78% of Canadians now having received at least one dose and 32% being fully vaccinated. This is great news and speaks to Canada’s culture of collaboration, community and cooperation.

With the health, safety and well-being of our workers and communities being top of mind, CCA has compiled a list of resources for you to share with your networks that address vaccine-related questions. This listing was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and includes information created and approved by the Government of Canada. We are also including a PDF version for your quick reference at the link below.


We don’t know how long COVID-19 will continue to be a serious public health threat. We do know, however, that following public health measures has worked to reduce the spread of the virus. Vaccines are one more tool in our arsenal to fight this pandemic and get back to normal, faster.

We are in this together and look forward to being together soon.

Build Smarter and Accelerate Innovation through Technology with Aon
Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.®
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Technology Assessment Panel > We are leading the way for contracting companies to understand what emerging technologies can support their goals and reduce risk
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innovation Corner

Tomorrow’s Trades is a workforce development pilot program associated with the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario. Its focus is to recruit and prepare candidates that are traditionally underrepresented in the skilled trades, such as women, Indigenous youth, Black youth, persons with disabilities, newcomers, youth at-risk, returning veterans, reservists, cadets, and those from racialized communities for application to apprenticeships and careers in the skilled trades.

Tomorrow’s Trades is hoping to build pathways and remove barriers for those pursuing a career in construction with the skilled trades by creating a program to find and recruit motivated individuals and equip them with the Construction Sector Essential Skills they need to become high-quality apprentices. Tomorrow’s Trades will recruit and select candidates based on assessments and interviews and successful candidates participate in their pre-apprenticeship style program where the program will aim to ensure they are job-ready by the time they apply to the workforce.

Your first step is to fill out our short application form, where we’ll ask a few questions about you, what motivated you to apply and what you hope to achieve. After you submit your application we will contact you to conduct a personal, online assessment of your skills, desires and aptitudes.

Submit Your Application Today!

Have you given it much thought lately? Can you think of something good that has come out of the last year and a half? Without having to say another word, we all know that the past 18 months have taken a toll on each and every one of us in some form. I, however, prefer to be a glass half-full sort of person and have much for which to be thankful. Aside from the obvious – my family, friends, health and trusty canine – I found myself nearly a year ago walking through the doors of the OGCA and League of Champions for the very first time. My biggest regret? Not doing this a decade ago! I am regularly asked what brought me here on the heels of a successful career in the environmental sector, and my answer is always the same: I always knew that construction was an expansive industry, but throughout COVID-19, I've seen a very tight community, and this is where I fit!

The last year has been a very busy one, and I am very proud to see the strides made by the LOC. Our membership has grown as have the relationships with all of our Champions. Now that we are carefully maneuvering through the province's re-opening plan, staff are very happy to make arrangements to come out and visit you.

I was very recently invited to Eastern Construction Company’s (Think Forward. Rise Above. | Eastern Construction) Annual Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. I quickly learned that fall protection is so much more than simply wearing your harness. The work that goes into training, gap assessment, corrective actioning, competent and regular inspection, as well as trends analysis were just a few of the takeaways from this very helpful visit. Thank you, Tracey, for having me on-site!

If you’d like to have a LOC staff member join you for a physically distanced visit to your site or office, please contact me directly at judith@theloc.ca or call 647.998.4151 to discuss opportunities.

Concrete Flooring Association
K. Winter Sanitation Inc.

Applications for this year’s small business health and safety leadership awards are open!

WSIB has made it even easier for small businesses in Ontario to apply with a simplified application form. We have attached the application form for easy reference.

Each year, WSIB recognizes the health and safety achievements of independently owned and operated businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

This year, they invite small businesses to tell them about your unique health and safety success story from 2020. They know it’s been an incredibly difficult year that’s affected you in countless ways, and they want to recognize all of the efforts you have made – whether they’re big enhancements or small changes – to improve workplace safety and help your employees and customers feel confident and safe.

The award winning funds can be reinvested back into your health and safety program: $5,000 (gold), $3,000 (silver), $2,000 (bronze), and you could be recognized at a WSIB awards ceremony in November. The gold winner will also be featured in a promotional video on their website.

Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply on the WSIB website. If you need help with the application process, email WSIB at smallbizsafety@wsib.on.ca.

Apply today! The application period closes July 23, 2021, so don’t delay.

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd
Associate Partner News and Events

In our continuing series of spotlighting our Associate Partner Members, we are pleased to highlight the following two companies:

ELM Insurance Brokers Inc.

ELM Insurance Brokers Inc. has specialized in Insurance and Bonding for Developers, General Contractors and Subcontractors for over 30 years. We’ve provided Canadian construction businesses with fast, reliable services that have given organizations the resources they need to operate efficiently. The advisors at ELM assist with an extensive range of risk transfer products and insurance policies to keep you and your business protected. Click here to view their profile page.

Petrela Winter & Associates

Petrela, Winter & Associates was formed by Herbert Petrela in 1979 on the premise of providing construction contractors and developers with specialized broker service and advice that is not commonly available in the general insurance brokerage community. Today, over 40 years later, the firm remains true to its founding principle, focusing exclusively on serving contractors and developers of all shapes and sizes from coast to coast. Click here to view their profile page.

From Sherrard Kuzz

On July 1, 2021 O. Reg. 420/21: Notices and Reports under Sections 51 To 53.1 of the Act - Fatalities, Critical Injuries, Occupational Illnesses and Other Incidents under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (“Regulation 420/21”) came into effect, to streamline the notice and reporting requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”).

Please click here for more information.

McIntosh Perry is proud to be a project partner with Madison Group and to provide #GeoEnvironmental, #Geotechnical and #Hydrogeological Consulting services for this exciting planned redevelopment.

More: https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2021/06/interiors-teased-capitol-residences-madison-group-and-westdale-properties #MPProjects

The Role of Real-Time Data in Construction Project Success (from Procore)

For many builders and owners, your challenge is not only capturing quality project data that is consistent across all your systems and files, but also extracting the value from real-time updates and accessing historical information to protect yourself against surprise costs, schedule delays, rework and any potential disputes.

Industry research conducted by Sapio explores how real-time data is transforming construction and building a better future.

What you'll find inside:

  • How leading businesses are thinking about real time insights and using it for performance visibility
  • The secret traits of high-performing construction teams
  • Measurable benefits of performance visibility

Click here to access the link.

Bonding facilities are generally subject to both a single contract limit and an aggregate contract limit. These limits are determined by a multitude of factors such as the financial position of the company, the contractor’s past experiences and the profitability and progress of the contractor’s current backlog. While most consider these bond limits to be more of guidelines than firm limits, they do represent the amount of exposure the bond company feels comfortable taking on for any specific contractor.

To read the full article by Jamie Collum and Andrew Cartwright from FCA Insurance, please click here.

From Sherrard Kuzz

As COVID-19 numbers continue to drop across Canada, there is increasing optimism that provinces, territories and borders will “open up”. In this “open” environment, an individual’s vaccination status may become highly relevant, and it will be imperative to ensure this information is up-to-date, accurate and accessible.

The attached briefing note outlines the steps an individual can take to update their records if they received one or more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine outside their home province or territory, or Canada.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Superior Piping.
Ontario Pipe Trades Council
The United Association (UA) has been training qualified piping professionals for over 150 years. With 17 state-of-the-art training centres, we train: Steam/Pipefitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler fitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Plumbers, Instrumentation Mechanics and Welders. Stay ahead of the curve, and stay on time and on budget with our superior piping skills.
CMiC: Collaboration, Communications & Control. Without Compromise.
No matter what the size of the project, CMiC delivers everything you need to run all of your jobs in one place – effective collaboration, communications, control, direction and project tracking. Improved workflows ensure that field teams are able to easily communicate issues, report RFIs, distribute documents, track activities and collaborate more effectively. 
Ask an expert and determine your solution today!
Priestly Demolition Inc.
ELM Insurance Brokers Inc.
Legislative & Legal Updates

The latest issue of the Ontario Legislative Reports is now available on the OGCA website. Please click here to access the latest issue.

The Ontario Legislative Report is updated every two weeks and explains the intention and status of legislation and regulations that could impact the construction industry. For issues prior to January 2020, please contact Mary Wademan at OGCA.

Education & Events

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is pleased to present the CCA Members Industry Summit. This half day virtual event, taking place September 16, 2021, is an exclusive opportunity for CCA association leaders and members from across Canada, representing all segments of the construction industry, to engage with CCA's Board of Directors and participate in sessions covering a range of timely issues.

This event is free to attend and open exclusively for members and partner association leaders and staff. To register and reserve your spot, click here.

Register Here

Summit to include engagement with CCA Chair and President.

Calendar of Events

70% of the world’s GHG emissions come from cities and 53% of Toronto’s emissions are from buildings. We are at a critical stage to move towards a fully functioning green building economy. How can we create buildings that are healthier, sustainable and affordable?

As government and policies ramp up to combat climate change, the Passive House (Passivhaus) standard is internationally-recognized as the highest level building standard for net-zero buildings.

This webinar will provide an introductory overview of the design and build standard, offering multiple perspectives involved in the process. Hear from Chris Ballard, CEO of Passive House Canada, Deborah Byrne, COO of Kearns Mancini Architects, and Henry Schilthuis, President of Schilthuis Construction, who will share their thoughts and experiences on the design and construction of Passive House projects.

This event is recommended for general contractors, designers, builders, and anyone interested in learning about Passive House and high-performance buildings.

Autodesk, Inc.
Labourers Employee Bargaining Agency