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Pinchin Announces New Courses for Fall

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Pinchin Environmental has plenty of courses available for you to take during the Fall!

Oct 26 in Mississauga
Guest Speaker: Paula Lombardi, Partner with Siskinds LLP

Do you know the risks associated with hidden environmental liabilities to lenders, buyers, brokers, real estate agents, sellers, directors and officers? 

This session features guest speaker, Paula Lombardi, Partner with Siskinds LLP, who will review the current regulatory landscape and provide case studies and share lessons learned that will assist in evaluating and mitigating risk before the deal goes through. Whether you own a business, are buying a property, sit on the board of private or public company or a non-profit organization, you are subject to liability for your decisions and actions.  

Oct 28 in Mississauga
Instructor: Rob Thomas 

Compliance can be complex. This complimentary seminar will provide facility and property managers with real-world examples and tools to meet or exceed environmental health and safety regulations in Ontario. We will be providing you with an overview of the current EH&S requirements for operating commercial and institutional real estate, as well as discuss upcoming changes and industry trends, such as the new BOMA BEST 3.0 and WELL standards.

Nov 1 in Whitby & Nov 3 in Mississauga
Instructor: Marcus Anthes

In 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Labour made significant changes to the confined space regulation. Ten years later, many Ontario businesses continue to struggle with understanding and implementing the new requirements. Challenges include interpretation of the definition of "confined space," improper classification of confined spaces, inadequate documentation and lack of training.  

Nov 3 in Vaughan, Nov 8 in Toronto, Nov 16 in Hamilton, Nov 22 in Oshawa & Dec 8 in Mississauga 
Instructors: Phil Girard & Vince Gambino 

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) recently announced air and noise permitting changes that could benefit all industrial, commercial, institutional, multi-residential and municipal building owners and managers, and HVAC and Emergency Power Equipment suppliers. This seminar is designed to help you understand these changes and identify potential cost savings for your business.

Nov 4 in Mississauga
Instructor: Paul Johannesson

Owning and managing commercial, residential and institutional properties is an ongoing battle to keep water out. Whether you're dealing with flooding, leaks or condensation, moisture can lead to significant damage and mould contamination in your building. This complimentary session provides real-world examples on how to maintain your building envelope to keep the water on the outside.

Nov 7 in Mississauga
Instructor: Scott Cryer
November is Radon Awareness Month in Canada
Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking and the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers? This seminar is designed to educate you about radon, including the health effects, the misconceptions, what is involved in the measurement and mitigation of radon, and why all buildings must be tested.  

Nov 10 in Mississauga
Instructors: Robert Tossell and Robert Daciw

Are you uncertain if you need a RSC to address the environmental conditions at your site? Or, maybe you have filed several RSCs in the past, but have found that RSC requirements are ever changing. Pinchin has filed more than 50 RSCs since July 2011, and during this seminar we will be discussing our experiences with filing RSCs, the components of an RSC and lessons learned. 

Nov 21 in Oshawa & Dec 6 in Mississauga
Instructor: Manasi Koushik

Pinchin's Manasi Koushik will provide an overview of the requirements, and how to start using BOMA Best to create a leading-edge EH&S Management System in your building. Pinchin staff sit on the BOMA Technical Committee and are able to offer full turnkey solutions for certification. This is your opportunity to meet with our experts and understand what is required. 

Construction and maintenance activities can cause potentially fatal infections in patients near the project area in any health care setting. Even relatively minor work can cause serious infections, if performed near susceptible patients. This Complimentary Session will discuss CSA Standard (Z317.13-12) "Infection Control during Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities" and problems related to dust control and Legionella management. 

Dec 6 in Toronto & Dec 7 in Mississauga
Elvira DeGasperis

Water damage in buildings can result in business interruption, damages to building materials, and mould growth. A quick response is key to limiting these inconveniences and damages. 
Now that the new Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, Fourth Edition, ANSI/IICRC S500-2015, has been released, what are the changes and how do they impact how to respond to a water damage event in your building?  



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