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NRMCA's celebration of the 100th anniversary of ready mixed concrete in the United States continues this week in E-NEWS by highlighting individual Producer and Associate member histories, including one Producer that's a charter member of the Association. See below for the companies we've selected this week, along with a link to that company's respective Web site for more information. This week's industry milestone? In 1930, horizontal-axis revolving-drum mixer trucks – similar to today's concrete mixers – were introduced by three American manufacturers.

(To have your company featured in this space in the coming weeks, please contact NRMCA's Kathleen Carr Smith at or 301-587-1400, ext. 1145.)

Boston Sand & Gravel - Approaching a century of service since its establishment in 1914, Boston Sand & Gravel Company has grown into an operation with more than 250 concrete mixer trucks and a network of ready mix plants in eastern Massachusetts. It also has aggregate facilities in southern New Hampshire. In 2001, Boston Sand & Gravel expanded into wholesale and retail landscape products, including adding bark mulch, specialty wood products and hardscapes to its array of products for contractors and residential customers throughout New England. Oh, and the Big Dig didn't hurt, either. Read more.

A founding member of NRMCA (1930)

Chaney Enterprises - Charles County Concrete and Charles County Sand & Gravel, later changed to Chaney Enterprises, started with a dream from a man named Eugene "Babe" Chaney in 1962, almost 50 years ago. The Waldorf, MD-based company has become a diversified construction company with a sizable ready mix component throughout the Southern Maryland region, about an hour outside Washington, DC.  Read more.   

An NRMCA member since 1968

Capitol Aggregates - Though it's one of NRMCA's newer Associate members, Capitol Aggregates dates to 1957 when the H.B. Zachry Company received a contract from the U.S. Air Force to rebuild runways at Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, TX. Rather than purchase materials from another supplier, the company determined it would be more efficient to start its own sand and gravel and ready mix operations. Capitol Aggregates was then incorporated on March 27, 1957. Read more.

An NRMCA Associate member since 2010
GivenHansco, Inc
Six years of recession in the U.S. has cut a $1.2 trillion-a-year construction industry into one that is worth about $800 billion a year. It also chopped more than 2 million jobs from the industry, according to data from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America. However, a survey by AGC and co-sponsored by Computer Guidance leads AGC to look at 2013 as a potential turning point with tentative signs of recovery.

Source: January 15 posting on the Web site SmartBlog on Finance. Read more.
How bad is the state of America's infrastructure? How about falling behind Panama and Malaysia level bad? That's part of the findings from a report released last week by the bipartisan advocacy group Building America’s Future that came two days after an American Society of Civil Engineers report saying that the United States needs to spend an additional $1.1 trillion on infrastructure by 2020 or suffer a dire economic reversal.

Source: A January 17 Washington Post story that was distributed in the January 18 AGC SmartBrief e-newsletter.
A Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, storm drainage project has necessitated the construction of two on-site ready mix plants by Saudi Readymix, reports a January 17 article by, which bills itself as "The ultimate Middle East business resource." Saudi Readymix is the leading producer and supplier of concrete in Saudi Arabia. Over the past five years, the company has supplied over 10 million cubic meters to projects in the western region, including the mega projects PetroRabigh, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), King Abdulaziz International Airport and Jabal Omar.
From the Middle East, to China, where the world's largest concrete ship has been dismantled after spending four decades stranded on a riverbank. The Gu Tian was abandoned shortly after her maiden voyage in 1974 and has since become a home to squatters and is a local tourist attraction in Fuzhou, the capital of southeast China's Fujian Province. Work to destroy the 3,000 ton concrete boat began in November last year and is finally coming to a close this week.

Source: A January 17 posting on Read more.
This is the last opportunity to register for NRMCA's Design of Concrete Pavements Online Course that will be held January 28-31 from noon - 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. This course provides an in-depth look at how to design and construct concrete streets and parking lots. Recommendations for concrete reinforcement, thickness, and jointing designs will be provided. Construction techniques, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair are discussed. Additional details will be provided on cost estimating, cost-benefit analysis and life cycle cost. In addition to details of conventional concrete streets and parking lots, this seminar will provide introductions to innovative products such as pervious concrete, concrete overlays and roller compacted concrete.

This course is intended for civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, public works officials and architects involved in the design and layout of concrete streets and parking areas. Concrete contractors and concrete producers will also benefit from the class. Participants who attend all sessions and successfully complete all quizzes will receive 6 Professional Development Hours.

Click here to register for the course. For more information contact Shawnita Dickens at
The Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association (MRMCA) recently hosted its Concrete Promotion Training Boot Camp at the NRMCA Education Center in Silver Spring, MD. The event was organized by MRMCA Executive Director Tom Evans and Pavement Promotion Committee Chairman Steve Tripp of NRMCA Producer member Chaney Enterprises. Most of the approximately 35 people attending were ready mix producer members of MRMCA

NRMCA Senior Director of National Resources Phil Kresge (at lectern, at right) served as the "drill sergeant" for the boot camp, giving a presentation that encouraged attendees to focus more on pavement promotion (parking lots and streets & local roads) in order to increase their production and become less dependent on the residential construction market. He introduced them to the tools developed by NRMCA and available as support, including the Web site, Design Assistance Program (DAP) and Concrete Pavement Analyst (CPA). Kresge provided specific training on the use of the CPA software.

Evans and Tripp presented on the need for advocacy in promotion of streets and local roads, providing examples of what has been done in other regions, as well as updates on MRMCA efforts. Tripp introduced a handout, Balanced Paving Program for Maryland, developed from the NRMCA template, but localized specifically to the Maryland market. He encouraged the attendees to take action on the local level to see progress on the state level.

A similar program is being planned by the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association, and PACA Promotion Director Ken Crank attended the Boot Camp in preparation for the PA event.

For more information, contact Phil Kresge at
On Wednesday, January 30, NRMCA is hosting a meeting in Ontario, CA, to create awareness of the untapped opportunities in the local paving arena for ready mixed concrete producers along with the desire and the knowledge to work to gain market share. Co-sponsored by the California Construction and Industrial Materials Association and California Nevada Cement Association, the meeting will be held from 12:30 - 4 p.m. at the Ayres Hotel & Suites Ontario Convention Center, which is less than two miles from the Ontario International Airport. 
The meeting will include presentations by NRMCA’s Robert Garbini and Glenn Ochsenreiter, reviewing paving market performance, dependence and potential as well as the resources available to improve market share. There is no cost to attend the meeting and a complimentary lunch will be provided beginning at noon.
Space is limited for this event. For more information and a copy of the meeting agenda, please contact Glenn Ochsenreiter at or 240-485-1140. If you plan to attend, please reserve you place as soon as possible with Nicole Maher at or 240-485-1158.
The next scheduled promotion-focused Webinar is Introduction to Concrete Pavement Analyst (CPA) Software. CPA software is a flexible, market-specific and comprehensive sales and promotion tool that compares total ownership costs, giving specifiers and owners the information they need to make sound parking lot pavement decisions. This Webinar explains how the software works along with strategies for making effective use of this outstanding tool. Want to learn more? Just see the link below and register today. You can also contact NRMCA's Jacques Jenkins at
The Euclid Chemical Company
The preliminary estimate of ready mixed concrete produced in November 2012 is 24.4 million cubic yards, 8% higher than in November 2011. The estimated production of ready mixed concrete in the U.S. through November 2012 is 272.8 million cubic yards, 9.9% higher than that during the same period in 2011.

U.S. ready mixed concrete production is estimated from cement shipments reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. NRMCA members can view more details on NRMCA's Web site.
According to the latest forecast from the Portland Cement Association (PCA), there will be an 8.1 percent growth in cement consumption in 2013, significantly higher than the tepid growth projected in its fall 2012 report. The upward revisions reflect adjustments made in light of the recent fiscal cliff accord, recognition of stronger economic momentum and markedly more optimistic assessments regarding residential construction activity. The January report marked 2012 consumption at 78.5 million metric tons, an 8.9 percent compared to 2011.

"Growth in 2013 cement consumption will be largely driven by gains in residential construction," PCA Chief Economist Ed Sullivan said.  "Housing starts should reach nearly 950,000 units, with single family construction near 700,000 starts during 2013. We see starts hitting the one million mark in 2014 or 2015."

Sullivan did caution, however, that the first quarter of 2013 would actually show declines compared to the same period in 2012. "It is important to point out that this potential decline in first quarter growth rates does not signal a weakening in market fundamentals, but rather a hangover from favorable 2012 weather conditions. Stronger gains in cement consumption growth are expected during the second quarter."

The accelerated consumption predicted during the second half of 2013 should carry into the following year. PCA projects an increase of 8.3 percent for 2014. PCA also upwardly  revised its long-range projections for 2015-2017. Annual growth during that period is expected  to be as high as 9.2 percent. Cement consumption is dictated by the level of construction activity and by the prevailing cement intensity. While 2017 cement intensity levels remain well below the pre-recession averages and upside risks remain, these risks have been significantly reduced.

Source: PCA News Release
The 92nd annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) was held earlier this month in Washington, DC. About 11,500 transportation professionals attended the conference, 4% more than last year’s attendance. More than 4,800 papers were presented. Following is an update of the sessions and meetings attended by NRMCA:
  • Two ½ day workshops were held on Service Life Modeling, and Advances in Preventing and Mitigating Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity.
  • Like last year, there were several papers on surface resistivity.  The test is more economical than the RCPT test (ASTM C1202). It is a lot easier and quicker to do and has excellent correlations with RCPT but with lower variability. AASHTO TP 95-11 is a provisional standard. Aggregate size, type, curing environment affects the results. A paper was presented where it was shown that the typical jobsite testing variability in temperature was ±5°F. A paper was present by FHWA on the ruggedness testing of the CTE test (AASHTO TP 336) where it was shown that saturation can be a significant parameter affecting test results. FWHA reported that 17 bridges in the U.S. now use Ultra High performance concrete (UHPC) which is defined by ACI AS concrete with a specified strength over 22,000 psi and meeting specified durability and tensile ductility. Presentations were shown where nano silica and nano alumino silicates can be used for early strength gain as well as preventing ASR.
  • TRB’s Nanotechnology Task Force has recently developed a circular E-C170 on Nanotechnology in Concrete Materials. This circular can be downloaded here.
  • TRB’s Durability Committee has recently updated its circular on concrete durability. This circular should be available from the TRB Web site by next month.
The theme for the 2014 TRB meeting is Celebrating the Legacy and Anticipating the Future.

For more information on NRMCA's involvement with the Transportation Research Board, contact Karthik Obla at
The Regional NRMCA Concrete Technology Training and Certification Program (Short Course) is scheduled for February 18-22 at the Hilton Garden Inn Elk Grove outside Sacramento, CA. The course is co-sponsored by the California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA). The course provides a fundamental understanding of concrete, aggregates and concrete making materials; requirements in industry codes and standards and proportioning concrete mixtures. 

Attendees have the opportunity to obtain four industry-recognized certifications: ACI Grade I Field Testing Technician, ACI Flatwork Finisher Certification and NRMCA Level 2 and 3 Concrete Technologist certification. These industry certifications are essential for technical service personnel with suppliers of materials to the concrete industry and with concrete producers. The course is close to full and can accommodate only a few more registrants. Interested persons should register now!

Click here for more information about the course, registration options and staff contact.
In conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NRMCA will conduct a free Webinar on Thursday, January 24, to introduce new initiatives to help ready mixed concrete plants better manage their energy use and save money. The Webinar will include:

• NRMCA energy survey of U.S. ready mix plants;
• Introduction to new benchmarking tool, the ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicator for ready mix concrete plants; and
• Overview of ENERGY STAR resources.

To participate in the conference call and Webcast, you must preregister. To preregister, click here. Once you have registered for the session, you will receive an e-mail message confirming your registration. This message will provide the information that you need to join the session. 

Session Number: 710 306 358 
Topic: Concrete Energy Management 
Date: Thursday, January 24 
Time: 3 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (New York) 
Call in # 866-299-3188, access 202-343-9061
Media articles on the fiscal cliff, transportation infrastructure, regulation, heath care, taxes and other subjects, each of which relate to the ready mixed concrete industry, are updated each week by NRMCA's Government Affairs staff. To access the most recent compilation of articles - for the Week of January 14 - 18, please click here.

If you would like to receive this weekly updated link in a separate e-mail, or if you have questions or comments about the roundup, contact NRMCA’s Kevin Walgenbach at
During the upcoming NRMCA Annual Convention at the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio, TX, a number of exciting events, including a golf tournament and the CONCRETEPAC Denim & Diamonds Appreciation Reception & Dinner, will be held to help raise money for the ready mixed concrete industry’s premier political action committee. CONCRETEPAC is the pro-business, pro-ready mixed concrete political action committee (PAC) for the concrete industry. It is a bipartisan, multi-candidate federal PAC registered with the Federal Election Committee (FEC). CONCRETEPAC’s sole objective is to support NRMCA’s issue-driven advocacy platform to achieve a more secure and beneficial future for the ready mixed concrete industry.

To help raise funds, CONCRETEPAC hosts many exciting events throughout the year such as golf tournaments, door prize drawings and an auction during NRMCA's annual meeting. However, unless we have your prior authorization or the permission of a principle in your company, we cannot tell you about these great events. 

To learn more about CONCRETEPAC events during this year's 2013 NRMCA Annual Convention, please click here and complete a prior authorization form. You may return the form to NRMCA's Kerri Leininger or by fax at 301-565-8200. For more information about CONCRETEPAC please contact NRMCA's Kerri Leininger.
To assure your ready mix staff is in full swing for the season ahead, NRMCA is offering three crucial classes in March. Registration is open for:

Dispatcher Training Forum: March 12-14, Silver Spring, MD - Dispatchers work under pressure, juggling competing demands at a fast pace. New dispatchers often learn unevenly while under fire, and even seasoned veterans can find it difficult to step back and find ways to improve. Put learning to work: Attendees return ready to perform even more efficiently in
core skill areas:
• Putting Orders in Order: Mastering technical, practical and customer-service issues.
• Scheduling Success: Juggling priority customers, advance notices, callbacks and
• Technically Speaking: Knowing ASTM-C94 is vital to success.
• People Professionalism: Managing stress, phone skills and peers.
• Details, details, details: Dealing with clean-ups, small load charges... the list goes

Click here for more information, registration options and staff contact.

Plant Manager Certification, March 19-22, Houston - Plant managers serve a vital function, with responsibilities that affect issues from regulatory compliance to product quality, safety and profitability. NRMCA’s certification program helps you make sure that they are up to speed on product knowledge, plant safety, environmental regulations, plant operations and ready mixed concrete industry business principles. This course establishes basic industry standards, measured through certification. Please note that batchmen are required to pass exams by the Army Corps of Engineers for federally awarded projects BEFORE work commences.

Click here for more information, registration options and staff contact.

Sales Skills, CCSP IV, March 19-22, Silver Spring, MD - This innovative three-day course provides a sales framework and toolkit that can immediately adapt to your organization’s strategies to drive revenue. Master the most up-to-date, industry-related, sales fundamentals through ready mix-specific simulations, role plays and case study analyses that include the challenges of selling concrete's sustainability attributes as well as applying tools for pervious and parking lot sales.

Get Results Now: This course is recommended for professionals of all levels, so whether you deal with internal or external customers, these skills will make an immediate impact on your work!
• Volume and Value: Sell both for short and long term results.
• Secrets to Good Relationships: Solve problems and win loyalty.
• Who Calls the Shots?: Find and communicate with decision-makers.
• Role-playing is Serious Business: Learn how practice makes perfect.
• Close Calls: Overcome obstacles and close the sale.

Click here for more information, registration options and staff contact.
*Please note that e-mail and direct links to each event listed below can be accessed from NRMCA's Web site.

January 28-31, Online Course
Design of Concrete Pavements
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
February 5, Webinar
Introduction to Concrete Pavement Analyst (CPA) Software
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
February 5, Webinar
Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete Part I
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
February 12, Webinar
Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete Part II
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
February 14, Webinar
Effectively Communicating Sustainability
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
February 18-22, Sacramento, CA
Technical Short Course
Email: Karen Bean, 888-84-NRMCA, x1168
February 19-21, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module III: General Business Knowledge
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
February 20, Cleveland
Adopting Disaster Resilient Construction at the Local Level
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
February 21, Webinar
Soils 101
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
February 25, Webinar
Controlling Moisture in Concrete Slabs
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
February 26, Webinar
Biodiversity at Ready Mixed Concrete Plants
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
February 28, Orlando, FL
Adopting Disaster Resilient Construction at the Local Level
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
March 3-5, San Antonio, TX
NRMCA Annual Convention
Email: Nicole Maher, 888-84-NRMCA, x1158
March 5, Webinar
Roller Compacted Concrete: Your Third Choice for Pavement
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
March 7, Webinar
RCC: Intro to Design and Construction
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 11-14, Online Course
Building Green with Concrete
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 12, Webinar
The Quantifiable Advantages of Concrete Parking Lots
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
March 12-14, Silver Spring, MD
Dispatcher Training Forum
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 15, Webinar
Effectively Communicating Sustainability
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
March 19, Webinar 
Concrete Pavement Jointing Plans
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 19-21, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module IV: Sales Fundamentals
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 19-22, Houston
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 20, Charlotte, NC
Handling Concrete Specifications, Low Strength Problems & Mixture Submittals
Email: Karen Bean, 888-84-NRMCA, x1168
March 26, Webinar
Green-Star Auditor Certification
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
April 4, Baton Rouge, LA
Handling Concrete Specifications, Low Strength Problems & Mixture Submittals
Email: Karen Bean, 888-84-NRMCA, x1168
April 8-11, Online Course
LCA of Concrete Structures
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
April 19, Webinar
Effectively Communicating Sustainability
Email: Jacques Jenkins, 888-84-NRMCA, x1165
April 23, Webinar
Using a Sales Customer Relationship Management System
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
May 6-8, San Francisco
International Concrete Sustainability Conference
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
May 12-15, Chicago
Fifth North American Conference on Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete
May 20-23 Online Course
Pervious Concrete: A Stormwater Solution
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
June 11, Webinar
Concrete Overlays for Streets and Local Roads and Parking Lots
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
June 25, Webinar
Controlling Moisture in Concrete Slabs
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
August 11-15, Montreal
ISARC 2013: 30th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Mining & Petroleum Industries
Email: Chantal Murphy, 514-939-2710, ext. 1309
August 13-16, Silver Spring, MD 
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
August 27, Webinar 
Concrete Pavement Jointing Plans
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
September 22-24, Las Vegas
Concrete Works & Board of Directors' Meeting
Email: Nicole Maher, 888-84-NRMCA, x1158
December 4-6, Orlando, FL
Environmental Professional Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
December 10-13, Orlando, FL 
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
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Marcotte Systems Ltd.
WAM Inc.
MPAQ Automation
Putzmeister America, Inc.