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Dollar General Distribution Center in Texas Features Concrete Paving
After last week’s reporting of 2.6 million square feet of concrete paving for a Dollar General Store distribution center in Wisconsin, industry partner Sean Van De List has reported that another of the retail chain's distribution centers features all concrete paving, this one in San Antonio, TX.

"This is great feedback from an industry partner who is an extension of NRMCA’s eyes and ears," said NRMCA Senior Vice President, Local Paving, Jon Hansen. "Too often these projects get built and information on project success never makes its way back to us. We encourage everyone to follow Sean’s lead and provide project information as we anticipate the roll out of ConcreteTracker later this year. NRMCA’s work with Dollar General Stores' construction and design department goes back more than six years ago when the local paving team (then known as the National Resource Director team) was able to get an ACI 330 specification and concrete preference in place for its new stores. We again are happy to see the preference for concrete has remained in place for Dollar General’s newest growth focus, the distribution centers to supply its nearly 13,000 retail stores."  

Click here to read more about the grand opening of the San Antonio distribution center. For more information, contact Jon Hansen at
NRMCA Offers New Promotion Training Program
Following on the success of the very popular Concrete Parking Lots Boot Camp, NRMCA is pleased to introduce Promotion Training for Concrete Professionals. This day-long program focuses on the basics of promotion to help local promotion teams develop their own plans, as well as coordinate with NRMCA's national promotional efforts such as the "Build With Strength" initiative. The program is targeted toward NRMCA state affiliates and promotion-oriented member companies.
"Promotion Training for Concrete Professionals provides a foundation for attendees to develop their promotional goals and develop accountability systems to help track their stated goals," says NRMCA Senior Director, Local Paving, Phil Kresge.

There is an optional half-day of training provided by members of NRMCA’s Local Paving Division or Structures and Sustainability Division. These sessions provide more technical knowledge specific to the promotion of concrete versus competitive products. "Additionally, these half-day sessions address the many benefits of concrete over other construction materials and assist attendees in preparing their elevator speech," adds Kresge.

For more information, or to schedule a training program, contact Phil Kresge at
Association & Industry News
Deadline Extended to Nominate Candidates for National Leadership Development Program
NRMCA’s Developing Industry Leaders (DIL) program will accept nominations through Friday, July 15, for a limited number of middle managers to challenge themselves by thinking about an issue our industry faces. The goal of the DIL project is to broaden participants’ understanding of the ready mixed concrete industry at a more strategic, long-term level while giving them the opportunity to also work on a team with a diverse group peers from across the country. This peer-centric program, with its accompanying industry mentorship, allows participants to not only make lifelong, career friends, but to also gain insight into a specific national challenge.

This program differs from other association programs in that individuals are placed on a team. Each DIL team chooses a separate topic to research and address over the fall and winter months. The group first meets at ConcreteWorks, where it is expected to attend various committee meetings so it can gain insight from senior managers from many perspectives. The DILs then return home to continue their work via conference calls, e-mails and Webinars with their team. The DILs reconvene in March at NRMCA's Annual Convention where individual teams formally present their findings during NRMCA’s semi-annual membership meeting. After that, the DILs are invited to become active on a committee of their choice so they can bring expertise with fresh, new insight to the working body.

There is no fee for the DIL program.  Additionally, DILs attend ConcreteWorks in September and the Annual Convention in March at a 50% discount registration fee.

Click here to download the information letter and the short, simple application/nomination form. For more information, contact NRMCA’s Eileen Dickson at
NRMCA Seeks Nominations for 2017 Board of Directors
NRMCA is looking for good men and women to serve on its Board of Directors. While serving on the Board requires both commitment and energy, it is a rewarding opportunity to give back to the industry. NRMCA represents a broad range of ready mixed concrete companies across the United States and our success is a direct result of the skills and expertise of our professional staff working in conjunction with Board members. Director nominees must be committed to promoting NRMCA programs and working in the best interest of its membership and the industry at large. The Board provides strategic direction, fiduciary oversight and governance of the organization’s operations.
Nominees are vetted by the Nominating Committee, which consists of the current chairman of the Board, the immediate past chairman of the Board, and past chairmen of the Board for the previous seven years who are still in an active capacity in the industry. The selected slate of nominees is then presented to and elected by the general membership and will serve three-year terms immediately following the annual NRMCA Convention in Las Vegas in March 2017.
NRMCA is seeking Board members with the following attributes: 
• Employed by a current NRMCA Producer member in good standing
• Demonstrates key decision making skills within his or her company
• Inherent leadership, management and interpersonal skills
• Ability to participate in and sustain collaborative group efforts
• Commitment to attend and participate in two Board meetings each year and fulfill all of the duties and responsibilities as referenced in the Board job description 
• Serve on NRMCA committees of his or her choice
• Attend and participate in promotion programs in their region
• Contribute and support annually the association's Political Action Committee (CONCRETEPAC) and the RMC Research & Education Foundation
• Recruit new members and help to retain existing members
Any NRMCA member can submit a nomination; individuals are also free to nominate themselves. Click here for a list of the current NRMCA Board members along with the year that their terms expire (please note that members who have served a three-year term and are going off the Board in 2017 are not eligible for re-election until 2018. The exception to this are Board members who are filling an unexpired vacant seat. Those individuals are highlighted).
Help build NRMCA’s future by nominating a strong industry leader today! Nominations are due by Friday, July 15. Click here for the Board of Directors Nomination Form. For more information, contact Heather Houck at
NRMCA Producer Member Delivers Concrete to Building Roof via Helicopter
NRMCA Producer member Ozinga had its concrete delivered to the roof of 10-story building in downtown Chicago using a helicopter. The general contractor, Norcon, had previously used a helicopter to deliver structural steel to the roof of the 10-story building, so it decided to use the same helicopter to deliver the concrete to the roof instead of waiting to pull permits for a special pump. An Ozinga concrete mixer was parked in a lot across the Chicago River; its crew filled buckets with concrete and the helicopter lifted them, delivering the concrete to the roof of the building where more crew members were waiting to place it. In total, 15 helicopter lifts were completed to deliver about eight yards of concrete.
"It took the helicopter 1 minute and 15 seconds to deliver half a yard of concrete and have the next one hooked up and on its way," said Rob Raffin of Raffin Construction. "It’s way faster than you could ever imagine. I was on the roof, and it was unbelievable."
Source: Ozinga press release. Click here to view the video.
Government Affairs
NRMCA Advocacy News Roundup Updated Through June 24

Media articles on Congress, transportation infrastructure, regulation, taxes and other subjects, each of which relate to the ready mixed concrete industry, are updated each week by NRMCA's Government Affairs staff. To access the most recent compilation of articles for June 20 - 24, 2016, please click here.

If you would like to receive this weekly updated link in a separate e-mail, or if you have questions or comments about the roundup, contact NRMCA’s Jill Landry at

NRMCA Urges Members to Tell House Members to Cosponsor National Mitigation Investment Act
NRMCA encourages members and all ready mix industry employees to contact their House representative today to request he/she cosponsor HR 5177, the National Mitigation Investment Act. The bill provides a powerful incentive to states to build more resiliently ahead of disasters, offers a grant program to assist states in the enforcement of building codes and includes a study on disaster losses.

The federal disaster system is broken, and the federal government is wasting billions and billions of taxpayer dollars on post disaster response. HR 5177 will save lives and property by bringing forth much needed change to the way the federal government approaches resilience by providing states tools to adopt and enforce nationally recognized building codes. Hurricane season is well underway and it is critically important to garner support for legislation that focuses on stronger building codes and pre-disaster mitigation.
Click here to tell your House representative to cosponsor the bill. For more information, please contact Jill Landry at
New Jersey Fire Official Responds to Wood Industry Opposition to Safety Legislation
Abdur Yasin, a fire captain from West Orange, NJ, recently wrote about efforts in his state to increase the fire safety of buildings. Currently, there are several pieces of legislation in the New Jersey State House that would go a long way in bringing codes on par with fire safety standards for buildings similar to that which burned in Edgewater, NJ. These include common-sense code changes such as limits on wooden structures in highly populated areas, a requirement for a 24-hour fire watch during the construction process and signage that helps firefighters understand more about the nature of the building before entering. This could take place immediately if, instead of bowing to the status quo and allowing code officials to "do their job," we insist that legislators do their jobs by enacting meaningful legislation that prevents future devastation, suggests American Wood Council President and CEO Robert Glowinski.

Assembly Bill 1914, introduced by Assemblyman John Wisniewski, D-Middlesex, is the first step in the right direction. Written in response to a fire in Avalon, NJ, it would bring about needed measures to ensure fire safety during all phases of construction. It protects the construction workers during the building phase, the eventual residents and the fire safety professionals who would be called upon in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Most importantly, it comes from the logical construct that most of us have come to realize: Wood burns and we need to find ways to control the fire or prevent it from ever happening by building with safer, fire-resistant materials, such as concrete or steel.

Build with Strength is a first-of-its-kind program for the concrete industry, designed not only to support our members, their businesses and the hard-working men and women of the concrete industry, but also to change the way people think about concrete construction versus direct competitors like soft-wood lumber. NRMCA has resources to help members and state affiliates advocate for resilient and safer construction, including model legislation, talking points, public relations and other key strategies.
To learn more about how NRMCA can assist in state advocacy, please contact Senior Director of State and Local Government Affairs John Loyer at 703-675-7603 or
NRMCA Encourages States to Make Buildings Safer, More Resilient Against Wildfires
The threat of wildfire is increasing in the United States. In 2015, more than 68,000 wildfires burned more than 4,636 structures and 10 million acres — the highest number of acres burned on record. The annual estimates on structure loss due to wildfire have increased dramatically for more than six decades. Last month, during National Building Safety Month, President Obama signed an Executive Order on Wildland-Urban Interface Federal Risk Mitigation, which will mitigate wildfire risks to Federal buildings located in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), reduce risks to people and help minimize property loss to wildfire. NRMCA has authored model legislation that will ensure that state-owned property enjoys the same protections and will advocate for its passage at the state and local levels.
Build with Strength is a first-of-its-kind program for the concrete industry, designed not only to support our members, their businesses and the hard-working men and women of the concrete industry, but also to change the way people think about concrete construction versus direct competitors like soft-wood lumber. NRMCA has resources to help members and state affiliates advocate for resilient construction, including model legislation, talking points, public relations and other key strategies.
To learn more about how NRMCA can assist in state advocacy, please contact Senior Director of State and Local Government Affairs John Loyer at 703-675-7603 or

NRMCA, Concrete Industry is Leading on Transparency Reporting
As part of NRMCA’s Build with Strength campaign, the concrete industry is leading the way in providing product transparency reporting to meet new green building requirements. To that end, NRMCA is the leading Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program Operator for the concrete industry. Established in 2012, NRMCA’s EPD Program aims to help concrete producers and concrete product suppliers, including cement manufacturers, meet new requirements in green building rating systems such as LEED v4. After October 2016, all projects pursuing certification will follow LEED v4 where EPDs are integrated into the Material & Resources credits. To date, NRMCA’s EPD program has tallied 2,111 products from 39 plants and 9 companies ... with more on the way! We also promote EPDs from industry partners and EPDs verified under other programs to disclose the great work our industry is undertaking.

NRMCA also is preparing its Version 2 of the industry-wide EPD (IW EPD) for concrete. Scheduled to be published and aligned with the LEED v4 launch this fall, this publication will further promote our industry's engagement to transparency trends by having more than 90 companies and 2,700 plants participating.

NRMCA was one of the first industry groups to publish an industry-wide EPD and industry benchmarks. We highly suggest that you utilize our established infrastructure to deliver, publish and promote your EPDs. In addition, NRMCA has further enhanced its EPD program by partnering with two companies who offer EPD software tools for concrete: Climate Earth and Athena. These tools significantly improve the efficiency and cost of producing EPDs. Click here for details.
To assist you in preparing for LEED v4 and future requests for product transparency credits, like EPDs, material ingredient disclosure or responsible sourcing, contact James Bogdan at or 412-420-4138.
NRMCA Leverages Build with Strength Program to Assist Florida Condo Developer
Using the resources behind NRMCA's Build with Strength campaign, staff have been assisting a developer of a condominium complex in the Florida Panhandle with a unique issue. A 6-acre plot of land had been privately owned since the 1960’s. However, in 1994 a county conservation park was developed around the private vacant land. The owner is zoned for a three-story marina. However, he felt the use would be more appropriate for low- to mid-rise condominiums. The community felt otherwise and organized to stop any type of building.
"It’s a unique situation and the owners are conscious of making a negative impact on the conservation area – but it is their land," said NRMCA Senior Director of Building Innovation Michael Wymant. "Fortunately, a concrete building solution appears to be the wisest solution." The plan now calls for for six low- to mid-rise towers to be constructed from concrete on the barrier island.

"The concrete building will be the best option. Resilient, energy efficient and with the least environmental footprint," Wymant added. "LEED certification is also available to showcase the owner's environmental stewardship – the concrete building will deliver many energy and materials credits that would not otherwise be achieved."
While the zoning issue is debated, the project is a great example of the impact concrete buildings can make for developers. "It was a common sense message to the owner," he said. "Build it in concrete. It will be energy efficient, have a better enviro footprint, be stronger and quieter, and should you want to get LEED, we’ll get you more points."
The NRMCA Design Assist team assisted with concrete options and will continue to offer LEED education, schematic design and energy analysis.
For more information, contact Michael Wymant at
Construction Under Way on Multi-Family Residential Project in South Carolina
Eric Coleman of EYC Companies participated in the Build With Strength Roundtable at this year’s International Concrete Sustainability Conference in Washington, DC. Coleman and his father, Ellis Coleman, are front and center in moving their multi-family projects from stick frame to concrete, reports NRMCA Senior Director, Building Innovations, Gregg Lewis. The Coleman's 17 South project in Charleston, SC, is a 220-unit multifamily project with a projected construction cost of $33 million. Ellis, a third-generation framing contractor, became interested in ICF construction several years ago and decided to build his own house using it. The success of that effort resulted in EYC Companies exploring using ICF on its 17 South project. 

EYC has two additional multifamily projects in its development pipeline, both of which are now also expected to be built using ICFs for the exterior walls. The developer sees the advantages of using ICFs to his bottom line in terms of a reduced construction schedule and recognizes the sound and durability advantages of building with concrete, Lewis said.
NRMCA members who work with developers in their markets will soon have these projects and others to use as examples to help them promote building with concrete to their contacts. NRMCA staff can support these efforts in a variety of ways, including offering our free design assistance services to help developers move toward building better with concrete. NRMCA also has a Concrete Design Center that can work with developers to provide concrete solutions to building projects.
For more information, visit or contact Gregg Lewis at or 540-529-3893. Learn more about the 17 South multifamily project here.
This Friday is Deadline for Toxic Release Inventory Program
Does your facility need to report to the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program? Have you run the calculations to determine if your facility does? Do you know what the requirements are and/or how to report if necessary? Now’s the time to obtain answers to all of these questions. Remember, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) TRI Program "tracks the management of more than 650 toxic chemicals that may pose a threat to human health and the environment." Specifically, "U.S. facilities in certain industry sectors must report annually how much of each chemical is released to the environment and/or managed through recycling, energy recovery and treatment." This information is then submitted annually to EPA and compiled in the TRI. 

All facilities that handle toxic chemicals, including ready mixed concrete plants, are required to calculate the quantities that were handled and if any quantity is over an allowable threshold, that chemical and amount need to be reported under the program. Should a facility need to report, the reporting deadline is July 1, 2016.

Click here for more on the program, listed chemicals, potential for reporting and when/how to report. For more information, contact Gary Mullings at or Kevin Walgenbach at
Federal Court Puts Brakes on Labor Department "Persuader Rule"
On Monday, a federal judge granted a nationwide injunction sought by a group of business interests and states seeking to halt implementation of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) contentious "persuader rule". The persuader rule, as it’s known and which was finalized by DOL in March, aims to limit employers’ ability to seek and retain legal counsel for purposes of consulting on employee union organizing drives. The rule also requires employers and legal counsel to disclose certain financial and other private information.

The order, handed down by Judge Sam R. Cummings from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (National Federation of Independent Business et al. v. Perez et al.), noted that the persuader rule likely violates petitioners’ First Amendment rights and "exceeds the DOL’s authority". The rule will not be implemented on a nationwide basis "pending a final resolution of the merits of this case or until a further order of this Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit or the United States Supreme Court." Next steps for the persuader rule could include DOL vacating the rule, reexamining the rule and/or appealing order. DOL has yet to announce how it plans to proceed following the court order. Since the inception of the persuader rule in mid-2011, NRMCA has ardently opposed the rule both individually and as a member of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW).
Click here for more information on the persuader rule. Click here to view the court’s injunction. For more information, contact Kevin Walgenbach at
NRMCA Concrete Durability Course Set for Seattle in September
The next NRMCA Concrete Durability Course is scheduled for September 28-28, 2016, at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton, Seattle Airport/Southcenter in Seattle. The course is taught by Michael Thomas, University of New Brunswick; Kevin Folliard, University of Texas at Austin and NRMCA Engineering Staff. The course provides a fundamental understanding of the nature of cement and concrete as they relate to durability of concrete. Topics will cover cracking, alkali aggregate reactions, sulfate attack, corrosion of reinforcing steel, freeze-thaw durability and other aspects. A group exercise will be facilitated to walk attendees through ConcreteWorks software that can be used to develop concrete mixtures for durability and to evaluate the potential for temperature-related cracking. The course also discusses the durability provisions in the Building Code - ACI 318-14 and how specifications can be structured to address durability. Comprehensive reference material is provided as course notes that is an excellent resource to concrete producers and associated technical personnel. The course concludes with a comprehensive exam on the subject matter covered.
Those with the NRMCA Level 3 Certification obtain the NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level 4 Certification when passing this exam. However, it is not essential to have attended the NRMCA Technical Short Course to attend the Durability Course. The course provides required learning units toward the technical track of the NRMCA STEPS certification program. Please register early if you wish to attend.
More information, registration options and staff contacts are available here.
A Look Ahead
*Please note that e-mail and direct links to each event listed below can be accessed from NRMCA's Web site.

June 28 - July 1, Centennial, CO
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
June 28, Ronkonkoma, NY
Building Green With Concrete
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
June 30, Fairfax, VA
Building Green With Concrete
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535 
September 18 - 20, Nashville, TN
NRMCA's ConcreteWorks 2016
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
September 26-28, Seattle
Concrete Durability Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
October 4 - 7, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module I: Concrete 101
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
October 11, Webinar
Recruiting & Hiring Top Performing Ready Mix Sales Reps
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
November 7 - 11, Silver Spring, MD
Annual "Short Course"
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
November 29 - December 1, Orlando, FL
Environmental Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152

December 6, Webinar 
Sales Performance Assessments and Reviews...for Ready Mix Sales Managers
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 6 - 8, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module II: Customer Business Knowledge
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 13 - 16, Anaheim, CA
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152

January 17 - 19, Kissimmee, FL
Effective RMC Supervisor Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
January 24 - 26, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module III: General Business Knowledge
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
March 21 - 23, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module IV: Professional Sales Skills
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
Products & Services
Current NRMCA Internet Special is Concrete in Practice Single Set
NRMCA's current Internet Spotlight, good through Tuesday, July 5, is the Concrete In Practice Single Set. The CIPs are brief technical topics developed for customers of ready mixed companies and address testing, best practices, special ready mixed concrete products and troubleshooting topics. The following six topics have been recently revised for updated content: 
  • CIP 8 – Discrepancies in Yield
  • CIP 16 – Flexural Strength of Concrete
  • CIP 17 – Flowable Fill
  • CIP 31 – Ordering Ready Mixed Concrete
  • CIP 33 – High Strength Concrete
  • CIP 36 – Structural Lightweight Concrete
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