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NRMCA, Concrete Industry is Leading on Transparency Reporting

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As part of NRMCA’s Build with Strength campaign, the concrete industry is leading the way in providing product transparency reporting to meet new green building requirements. To that end, NRMCA is the leading Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Program Operator for the concrete industry. Established in 2012, NRMCA’s EPD Program aims to help concrete producers and concrete product suppliers, including cement manufacturers, meet new requirements in green building rating systems such as LEED v4. After October 2016, all projects pursuing certification will follow LEED v4 where EPDs are integrated into the Material & Resources credits. To date, NRMCA’s EPD program has tallied 2,111 products from 39 plants and 9 companies ... with more on the way! We also promote EPDs from industry partners and EPDs verified under other programs to disclose the great work our industry is undertaking.

NRMCA also is preparing its Version 2 of the industry-wide EPD (IW EPD) for concrete. Scheduled to be published and aligned with the LEED v4 launch this fall, this publication will further promote our industry's engagement to transparency trends by having more than 90 companies and 2,700 plants participating.

NRMCA was one of the first industry groups to publish an industry-wide EPD and industry benchmarks. We highly suggest that you utilize our established infrastructure to deliver, publish and promote your EPDs. In addition, NRMCA has further enhanced its EPD program by partnering with two companies who offer EPD software tools for concrete: Climate Earth and Athena. These tools significantly improve the efficiency and cost of producing EPDs. Click here for details.
To assist you in preparing for LEED v4 and future requests for product transparency credits, like EPDs, material ingredient disclosure or responsible sourcing, contact James Bogdan at or 412-420-4138.

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