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Each week in ePestWorld we’ll highlight several exhibiting companies. Check out the full list of exhibitors!

NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents


Join us next Thursday, October 8 at 3:00 PM EST for the Academy Closing Session.

Our teams will participate in one final Olympic activity as we close out Academy 2020.

It's time to pump up the team spirit, we've saved the best for last!


NPMA’s Business Development Committee is developing resources aimed at helping small pest control businesses reach their full potential, and they want your help! Participate in this 2-question survey to help identify what topics you feel are important to help businesses grow, and what format you want those resources made available.

Nisus Corp
iSTRIKE gives you a jump on WDOs
iSTRIKE Insecticide Foam fills voids, galleries and holes and kills on contact. It also leaves a residual to continue protection. The convenient aerosol can comes with an applicator hose and narrow and wide tips. Keep one on your truck!
• wood boring beetles
• carpenter bees
• subterranean & drywood termites
• listed ants
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The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and associated legislation were passed by Congress so quickly that many of the employment and HR issues were unclear, ambiguous, or, in some cases, unaddressed. Seay Management Consultants has observed, “They created the rules but are still working on the rule book!” The Department of Labor has clarified some of these issues, so we have a better understanding of how management applies these benefits to certain situations. The three specific benefits are:

  • Up to 80 hours of paid sick leave for employees who experience certain COVID-19 events.
  • An additional 10 weeks of extended FMLA for employees with children whose school or daycare is closed or is otherwise unavailable.
  • Extended unemployment compensation, for those employees who qualify.

Learn more.

By now many of you may be aware of an organization that is soliciting NPMA members under the name “National Pest Maintenance Professional Association” or “NPMPA”.

The “National Pest Management Association®” is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and we therefore are entitled certain proprietary rights and protections under federal and state laws. Specifically, NPMA is entitled to restrict the use of the trademark, or a confusingly similar trademark, in connection with confusingly similar products or services.

The “National Pest Maintenance Professional Association” or “NPMPA” is not associated with NPMA in any way, and it is our belief that this entity/website is a fraudulent scam and a violation of NPMA’s federally registered trademark.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this issue has caused you but want to ensure you that we are working to correct the issue and effectively represent, promote and advocate for the pest management industry.

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Paper Wasps

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Lobster Marketing Group
New Members

FUMTECA, S.A. of Ecuador
Gold Web Pest Control Co. Inc. DBA Pest Safari of Milton, FL
Golden Rule Pest Control, LLC of Independence, OR
HomeFix of Israel
Russell & Castillo Exterminating, LLC of Mechanicsville, MD

Member Benefit Highlight

NPMA members can now call, email, or text Seay Management Consultants to speak with one of their HR consultants free of charge regarding any employment issue that arises in your business. View the comprehensive menu of services provided.

Sandy Seay and his associates are very familiar with the pest management industry, having represented and advised pest management companies for nearly 50 years. For more information about Seay Management Consultants, click here

Overit Media
How Pest Control Companies Navigate Crises
What should a pest control company do in a moment of crisis? In this pest control crisis resource, Overit will arm you with the expert marketing strategies that you need to approach any unexpected situation and keep your revenue steady - and even grow it. Learn how to best utilize positive messaging, strategically targeted digital ads, television spots, and email campaigns from the pest control marketing experts here at Overit.
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NPMA Education and Events

The inaugural International Professional Women in Pest Management Leadership Forum sponsored by Bayer, will take place November 9-10, 2020, virtually. Designed specifically for women owners, and managers as well as men within the pest management industry, this program will provide attendees a unique experience while gaining insight into women’s issues in the workplace. Industry specific programming with a focus on leadership and modern-day workplace experiences will be addressed.

View the full schedule and register today!

Heard From the Hill

NPMA’s Public Policy Committee voted last week to recommend NPMA join the National Caucus of Black State Legislators (NBCSL), which was subsequently approved by NPMA Board of Directors. The NBCSL maintains a bank of model legislation which once approved annually, will allow their over 7,000 state policymakers to pull down these pre-drafted pieces of legislation and replicate around the country. Members of the Corporate Roundtable (which NPMA has just joined) have the ability to submit model legislation for consideration. NPMA is excited to submit public health legislation that would help move the industry forward and looks forward to working with several NBCSL members as sponsors. NPMA plans on engaging in other ways as well by building relationships with NBCSL members and helping them understand how the industry protects America’s food, health, and property. While the NBCSL engages on a variety of issues, NPMA plans on focusing only on issues important to our industry and continuing to build relationships on both sides of the aisle across the country.

Members Make Headlines

UPFDA members are invited “Shake Things UP” before PestWorld on Monday, October 12, 2020, 4:00 – 5:30 pm EST. During this Zoom meeting we will hold the UPFDA Annual Member Meeting, enjoy a demonstration by a professional mixologist who will lead us through crafting some classic cocktails with an entomological twist and share some small group social time. Visit for details and to RSVP.

Join PWIPM of New England on November 12, 2020 to hear from Kelly Decollibus-Fillion of Reachlocal on “Why a SEO Friendly Website Matters, Before Navigating the World of Creepy Targeted Ads?”

Coalmarch and PCO Bookkeepers have announced the launch of PMP Industry Insiders - a podcast designed to give business owners practical tools to grow their business.

Mosquito Squad has appointed Tom Swift as Chief Operating Officer. In correlation with news of the appointment, Mosquito Squad has also announced the team is working towards establishing a new training system for the brand, which requires relocating the headquarters to Macon, Georgia.
Weekly Headlines
One more thing to add to the list of problems in 2020: a rise in rodent activity across residential areas in Boston that is prompting city officials to look for ways to address health and cleanliness issues.
Mosquitoes trapped in two Nashville neighborhoods were carrying the West Nile Virus, according to a news release from the city's health department.
Odessa American
The National Pest Management Association released its bi-annual Bug Barometer® forecast, a seasonal projection of the pest pressure and activity Americans can expect to see in their respective regions of the country based on weather patterns, long-term forecasts and pest biological behaviors.
Citizen Times
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to a renowned project that seeks to inventory its vast variety of life. Since 1998, nearly 11,000 species have been added to the park’s checklist — and behind each discovery is a unique story.
Pest Routes, LLC
For your Business
The battle against anxiety in the workplace is one we desperately need to fight -- and these simple techniques will give managers the upper hand.
Liz Kislik
Not surprisingly, in the last few weeks I’ve been contacted by board and C-level leaders, asking how they can rally and galvanize managers who appear to be buckling under the pressures and disruptions of the pandemic.
Ebling Group
Building on the new reality of distributed work, I think we’ll see an acceleration in the move towards agile, flexible work teams that cut across functions.
BBN Times
While having an aspirational vision or a well-thought-out strategy are keys for becoming a successful leader; however, your vision and strategy won't translate to reality if you cannot communicate them effectively.
Kate Nasser
Instead of eliminating all emotion from your decision making, use these essential decision making emotions.
Protect your crawl space — seal & dehumidify
Prevent Structural Damage - Proper Wood Moisture Prevents Termites - The choice is clear. Combine encapsulation and dehumidification to control moisture and permanently protect your home. Help Prevent Re-infestations with Trusted Solutions for Excess Humidity. We recommend Aprilaire high-capacity dehumidifiers for long-term protection.> Commercial-grade construction> Low maintenance> 5-year warranty
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Trending Articles
The Sacramento Bee
A bill that seeks to protect mountain lions and other wildlife from being poisoned by a popular form of pesticide awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature.
NBC News
Eastern equine encephalitis is "one of the most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases in the United States," Michigan health officials said.
Hurricane Sally is bringing floating islands of fire ants to parts of Florida as the Category 2 storm makes landfall along the Gulf Coast.
Calendar of Events
  Date Event Location
  July 9-October 8 Academy 2020 Virtual Event
  October 13-15 PestWorld 2020 Virtual Convention
  November 9-10 International Professional Women in Pest Management Leadership Forum Virtual Event
  December 1-3 Global Bed Bug Summit Virtual Event

View our master calendar for a full list of industry events.




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