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The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) identifies and trains aspiring association leaders to establish a pipeline of engaged members that represents NPMA’s diverse membership. The two-year curriculum involves professional development, association training, monthly mentoring and attendance at NPMA events. 

"Everyone-the staff of NPMA, the executive board, NPMA officers, and my mentor - have been so welcoming, willing to share, and encouraging along this journey.  These relationships, and especially the bonds with my fellow classmates, continue to grow stronger every day.  They cannot be measured and will never be forgotten!”

Carl Braun, Quality Pest Control
ELP 2018

Interested? Click here to complete an application and here to learn more about the criteria. The application process will close on December 8.

NAPROCO LLC dba Garden Girls Repellents
Crawlspace Depot
NPMA is excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned NPMA Forms website, your go-to source for purchasing digital copies of the revised NPMA 33 WDI Inspection form. Completely redesigned from the ground up, this site offers a host of exciting new features and enhancements including:
  • Purchase digital forms in quantities of 50, 100, or as an annual UNLIMITED plan
  • New safe and secure online purchase options
  • Now, at no extra charge, every user can store digital forms online.
  • Add up to 5 users per account 
  • Advanced document tracking and editing options
  • Add your own digital signature
  • A comprehensive help section outlining all these features and more. 

The new digital forms site can be accessed through the same website as before, For questions on purchasing NPMA forms or the new NPMA forms website, contact Michael Bentley at Please direct all questions or concerns regarding the updated NPMA-33 form to Jim Fredericks at

These 2019 guidelines were developed with the NPMA Commercial Committee as a resource for pest management professionals that provide service to the retail food service industry. This guidance is comprised of three sections that all interact together – record-keeping, communication, and integrated pest management. This guide will help develop a true partnership between the pest control operator and the restaurant or food service client to provide excellent service. 
Crawlspace Depot
Vapor barriers for crawlspaces
Crawlspace Depot offers reinforced poly liners in different lengths and thicknesses that provide essential and effective vapor barriers against moisture wicking up from the ground. Our translucent wall liners wrap easily around walls and piers. Also check our fasteners and adhesives as well as economy and non-reinforced liners.
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Early Bird Deadline November 10
View the program and register today!

Join us for the 2019 Technology Summit December 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia. Showcasing a mix of business management sessions and interactive breakout groups featuring up-and-coming information and digital technologies for the pest management industry. The conference will feature technology thought leaders and provide a forum for attendees to learn from each other about their technology experiences as well as the current technologies used to enhance daily practices within their pest management businesses.


The November/December 2019 issue of PestWorld magazine is now out. The magazine looks at Managing Customers, with the following features:

Targeted Marketing
Gearing your marketing message based on your target generation is key to an effective marketing campaign – completely ignoring one channel may mean you miss out totally on an entire generation.

Raising the Bar On Customer Service
Building that loyal customer base takes more than just offering the right service at the right price – it requires creating an excellent experience that meets most, if not all, of a customer’s expectations.

Dialing Up Digital Sales
In today’s ever-evolving digital age, on-the-go customers expect service providers to have more than a simple online presence – they want information at their fingertips, an array of communication options and an elevated experience.

The issue also includes articles on Generation XQualityPro Consumer Relations Standards, and more.

Also, check out our PestWorld magazine website, where you'll find current and archived articles, as well as exclusive online-only content!

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Female Black-legged Ticks

 As a membership benefit, NPMA has developed a gallery of 
pest images at for use by NPMA members.

UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Beyond Inc
New Members

Bee Safe Services, Inc. of Dallas, TX
Fumiplagas Toluca of Mexico
Green Control de Plagas of Mexico
HACCP Fumigaciones, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Haley Pest Control, Inc. of Lawrence, KS
MDM Pest & Termite Control, LLC of Grand Island, NE
Miller Bee ZZZ & Pest Control of Odessa, TX
Multiservicios Barca de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Operadora de Granos y Almacenes, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Pest Master Services of San Antonio, TX
Plaga Sol Red de Servicios, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Protecta MIP, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Reben IC Fumigaciones y Manejo Integral de Plagas of Mexico
Sanycontrol de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico
Servicios Integrales Verdi Terra, S. de R.L. de C.V. of Mexico
Serviplagas of Mexico
Soluciones en el Manejo Integrado de Plagas, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico

Member Benefit Highlight

Vision benefits help keep employees’ eyes healthy—but there’s more to them than meets the eye. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that good eye care can be a powerful way to prevent or diagnose overall health issues — like diabetes, hypertension, and more. Connecting the dots between vision and overall health can help employees see the full value of the benefits you offer.

Please contact JerriLynn Cobb at for more information on your vision benefits through Metlife available to all NPMA members.

NPMA Education and Events

Heard From the Hill
NPMA sent in a letter of support for S. 1657 The Ticks: Identify, Control, and Knockout Act (TICK Act) prior to a markup yesterday in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is the lead sponsor, and during the markup she received a committee vote to rename the Act in honor of former Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) who died this week of complications brought on from a tick borne illness. S. 1675 is now known as the Kay Hagan TICK Act. NPMA’s letter of support was entered into the Congressional record, as was the letter NPMA signed on to from the Vector Borne Disease Network. The bill was marked up with bipartisan support and will move to the Senate for a full vote at some point in the future. The TICK Act is the first bill marked up, and you can watch the entire markup here.
On October 30, 2019, MI SPAR Bill Welsh and Rose Pest Solutions District Manager, Mike Rogers testified on HB 5024 and 5025 in the Michigan House Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee. The bills were introduced as a way to assist local governments in Michigan to combat mosquito-borne diseases including, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), given the recent outbreaks experienced in various parts of Michigan. Our industry is very supportive of the measure, as it is a great way protect to public health and it positions our industry as a private-sector solution to this problem. Bill and Mike’s testimony advocated for all forms of mosquito control services that our members perform. The bill is expected to move out of Committee, and we will keep members apprised of developments.
Members Make Headlines
Massey Services is pleased to announce the purchase of All In One Termite and Pest Control of Raleigh, NC. 
Weekly Headlines
Yahoo Finance
The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) identified the top five species spreading across the U.S. and what people can do to prevent or eliminate these pests.
News 13 WLOS
Former North Carolina US Senator Kay Hagan died Monday after contracting a rare illness from a tick.
Lancing City Pulse
Non-native samurai wasps are being raised and released the into Michigan’s environment to battle the brown marmorated stink bug.
The Washington Post
More than 270 former strays are enrolled in the Blue Collar Cats program run by the Humane Rescue Alliance.
The Miami Herald
Venomous snakes are coming out of hiding in Florida, trappers warn, and the situation is simply a part of living in the Sunshine State.
Lytx, Inc
For your Business
Leadership Now
Distractions take us away from what we should be doing and kills our momentum.
Three recent examples challenged my cavalier attitude and caused me to consider the real power of listening.
Leadership & Learning
For years, people have created models and formulas to simplify and categorize people. And for all the value those efforts and models can yield, they fall short of being the magic pill that helps us communicate with, work with and lead individuals.
When you declutter your mind, you free up mental space for your next big idea.
If you have a local business, it’s important to engage in digital marketing to attract more local clients.
UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Trending Articles
The co-founder of Microsoft prescribes a principle that will raise every leader's bar.
Learn what makes your employees motivated and enjoying their jobs so they feel connected for the long haul.
Philadelphia came in at No.1 on Terminix’s ranking of the top 50 most bedbug-infested cities in the country.
Calendar of Events
  Date Event Location
  December 4-6 2019 Technology Summit Atlanta, GA
  January 15-17                Eastern Conference Atlantic City, NJ
  February 4-6 Wildlife Conference Las Vegas, NV
  February 11-12 Southern Conference Memphis, TN
  March 8-10 Legislative Day Washington, DC

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