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In the summer of 2017 the NPMA Wood Destroying Organism began a comprehensive review of the NPMA-33, the “Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.” The NPMA-33, is widely used by the industry and is the primary WDI inspection form in 36 of the 50 states. The NPMA-33 (originally the NPCA-1) was last updated in 2004, it was determined that this was an appropriate time to reevaluate the form and ensure it is accomplishing it’s intended objectives and remains useful to the industry. The committee has held several workshops to discuss the form, but now is the time to get input from those of you that are using the form.

If you work in a state that uses the NPMA-33 as the primary inspection form we would request your input to better inform the Committee. We have created a short eight question online survey. The information you provide will be used to determine next steps and if edits or updates are needed to the form. Thank you for your time, if you have any questions please contact Andrew Bray at

Click here to take the short 8 question survey.

Cooper Pest Control
Nisus Corp

Wednesday, February 21 at 1:00 p.m. ET
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Nisus Corp
Stop wood decay in its tracks.
Jecta is a ready-to-use injectable borate gel used to reach places where other products can’t be applied effectively. It protects sealed, moisture-laden or inaccessible wood from termites and other wood destroying organisms. Jecta’s patented carrier system facilitates rapid penetration throughout wood of any moisture content.
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A catalog of NPMA Library Updates is now available online through the NPMA Resource Center! NPMA's Library Updates provide in-depth information on a variety of topics including training updates and employee resources. The new online archive allows you to browse and download over 10 years of past library updates, as well as discover new updates as they are published. Visit the NPMA Resource Center to view the Library Update Catalog.


Q: I have a client with a tremendous springtail issue. I found most of the springtails along the foundation of the customer’s house about 2-3″ down into the soil. She has some old mulch (of course holding moisture). But the springtails are also getting into the house, and onto the tile floor of the basement and her kitchen countertop. From my inspections, there are no moisture problems inside and it is a very clean house! Do you have any suggestions?
A: We recommend that you rake back the mulch from the foundation by about a foot to let it dry out in those areas. You may also apply some kind of material to the rake backed areas. Does this customer have an automatic sprinkler system that waters daily or on a regular schedule? This could be the issue. Dry out the area and adjust the sprinkler timer to be less frequent. If you are also seeing springtails inside, check for plumbing leaks around sinks and drains and bath trap areas. Springtails cannot survive without moisture sources, and they often are good indicators of a problem plumbing issue. Dry out the area with increased ventilation, fans and dehumidifiers and address the plumbing issue. Various dusts may also be applied in wall void areas. When using such a product, always read and follow all labeled instructions.

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Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

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UPG Unified Purchasing Group
Flock Free Bird Control Systems & Services
New Members

Bravo Pest Control of Durham, NC
Covert Services of Kent, OH
Defense Pest Control  of Mesa, AZ
Natural Repellents, LLC of Denville, NJ
Team Pest Control International of Dayton, OH

Stop Pest Control of NY of New York, NY
Gateway Inspections of Amelia, VA

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NPMA has partnered with Reference Services, Inc. to provide our valued members with the most accurate background screening services available. As an NPMA member, you’ll receive:
• Deeply discounted membership pricing
• The best criminal record data from the most sources
• Instant access to most reports
• 24/7 customer service from our real team members - no call centers
• A dedicated Compliance Team with 2 FCRA Advanced Certified Specialists
• Manual county searches average 31 actual hours (1.5 days)

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NPMA Education and Events


On March 18-20, hundreds of pest management professionals will climb Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to meet with their members of Congress – providing opportunities to promote the pest management industry and advocate for issues important to us.

There are significant battles emerging, in particular with preemption laws in several states and the revisions to the 2018 Farm Bill. Any changes to existing legislative and regulations have the possibility to significantly impact your pest management business. And we must ensure that lawmakers know us, hear us, and respond to us. We hope you will join us for Legislative Day and help make a difference in our industry!


Join us January 30 - February 1 in New Orleans for the largest tradeshow dedicated to wildlife and nuisance bird management! The 2018 Wildlife Expo, hosted by NPMA and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA), also provides professional training and certification for those involved in wildlife management. Click here for more details and registration.

Members Make Headlines

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Center for Verification and Evaluation recently announced that NJ Pest, LLC has been verified as a Service-Disable Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). NJ Pest owner Russell Sieb, a Gulf Navy War Veteran, has gone through an extensive verification process to achieve SDVOSB status.

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators is pleased to announce the merger and acquisition of Moore’s Premium Termite and Pest Control LLC, a full-service company specializing in residential and commercial pest and termite control located in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Weekly Headlines

The Virginian-Pilot
The frigid weather will not save us from pesky flies and mosquitoes come May, experts say.

During a recent Airbnb stay, a family says they got more than they bargained for when the lights went out.

Spraying thousands of chilled, sterile mosquitoes from specially adapted drones could prove a cost-effective way to slash numbers of the insects and curb the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases.

NBC Bay Area
A virus that can cause deadly infections in people was found in a deer mouse in Santa Ysabel, prompting county officials to remind San Diegans how to properly clean rodent messes.

Brother Mobile Solutions
For your Business

Lead Change Group
Humor initiated by leaders can shape a culture of empathy and relationship satisfaction and be a foundation for greater alignment.

Fast Company
Leaders of fast-growing companies can ensure employee happiness by keeping the basic company culture intact through change.

As your organization reorganizes, be sure to keep prime objectives in place and not do a complete reset.

McKinsey & Company
At the root of any good decision is categorizing what kind of decision needs to be made, by whom, and how quickly.

Career Advancement Blog
In expanding your leadership influence, roadblocks will occur – here are tips for overcoming these challenges.

Trending Articles

Scientists from the University of Oslo modeled the three transmission routes for the disease, and model outcomes suggest the spread of the plague was mainly attributable to human fleas and body lice.

The New York Times
The “bomb cyclone” – the cold spell that froze much of the United States – didn’t affect bugs.

The Grossman Group
Recognition can be a powerful tool – by specifically communicating a job well done, you can motivate employees and enhance team performance.

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  Date Event Location
  Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2018 Wildlife Expo 2018 New Orleans, LA
  February 5-7, 2018 Southern Conference Memphis, TN
  March 18-20, 2018  Legislative Day 2018 Washington, DC 



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