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Q: I have a client with a tremendous springtail issue. I found most of the springtails along the foundation of the customer’s house about 2-3″ down into the soil. She has some old mulch (of course holding moisture). But the springtails are also getting into the house, and onto the tile floor of the basement and her kitchen countertop. From my inspections, there are no moisture problems inside and it is a very clean house! Do you have any suggestions?
A: We recommend that you rake back the mulch from the foundation by about a foot to let it dry out in those areas. You may also apply some kind of material to the rake backed areas. Does this customer have an automatic sprinkler system that waters daily or on a regular schedule? This could be the issue. Dry out the area and adjust the sprinkler timer to be less frequent. If you are also seeing springtails inside, check for plumbing leaks around sinks and drains and bath trap areas. Springtails cannot survive without moisture sources, and they often are good indicators of a problem plumbing issue. Dry out the area with increased ventilation, fans and dehumidifiers and address the plumbing issue. Various dusts may also be applied in wall void areas. When using such a product, always read and follow all labeled instructions.

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