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Consultants In Data Processing
Naylor, LLC
By John Meibers

Many contractors delay purchasing new accounting software due to the anticipated pain associated with conversion. But a successful software implementation is similar to a successful construction project: Thoughtful planning coupled with skilled execution results in greater profitability for your company.
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Sage Software, Inc.
AGC is seeking presenters for the next Technology Showcase at the 2011 AGC Convention in Las Vegas. We are interested in your solutions for connecting your jobsite office(s) to your main office, the Internet and to partners, your implementation plan, pitfalls, successes and how these have or have not met your expectations. A representative from three AGC member companies will be chosen to present the details of their jobsite connectivity solutions. Each representative will receive a complimentary registration to convention.
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These ideas help computer users at all levels navigate through the day more effectively.
Source: www.online-tech-tips.com

The Windows Registry is one of the most vital components of any Windows-based PC. It has all the OS settings and configurations for the computer. The million of pieces of information stored there are Windows’ primary point of reference when managing user profiles, files and file types, programs, icons, ports and much more.
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The IT Forum gives AGC members an opportunity to discuss best practices and garner feedback about products and services that increase efficiencies. The following questions and answers were taken from recent forum posts.
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