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November 8, 2023
Association News
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Kansas City is building the first soccer stadium in the US specifically for a women’s soccer team, the KC Current. NAWIC Gr Kansas City Chapter #100 was honored at the National Institute for Construction Excellence (NICE) Awards Luncheon earlier this week with a Jackson County, MO Resolution along with the KC Current team ownership.

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In this 30-minute session, MindForge CEO Stokes McIntyre walks through the top five decisions that make the biggest impact on a construction jobsite. Small but mighty, these are decisions that, made poorly, can drive the largest drains on money, time, and materials. Made well, though, they can be your crew’s biggest sources of productivity, quality, and even safety.
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In a few short weeks, many of us will be traveling to friends and family for Thanksgiving. Some will be hosting the holiday and yet others may eschew the holiday entirely. No matter which camp you find yourself in, each induces its own set of challenges. I have fond memories of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and, as a young professional, spending the eve of the holiday in New York City watching the inflation of the floats. It is a remarkable experience.

With all the warmth of being surrounded by loved ones, the holidays can also feel isolating, depressing, or challenging. Our world feels a little out of control right now.  Very out of control for many when you see the news from around the world, from our hometowns, and from college campuses. I feel like, more than ever in recent memory, people are walking on eggshells, not sure what to say, how to say it, or if they should say anything without the risk of unwanted backlash.
NAWIC Benefits Spotlight

NAWIC and Deltek ComputerEase have partnered together to create a free webinar series where you can learn:

-The construction company structure and what key partners to include 
-The basics of debits and credits 
-The different types of accounting and revenue recognition methods
-An overview of job costing and why it should function as the center of your business
-What key financial reports are critical to your financial success

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How 92-Vehicle HVAC fleet is streamlining operations with a smarter fuel card
K-Dimensional Holdings Inc. / CoastPay®
Texas-based Gillette Air Conditioning struggled with inefficiencies caused by an old station-specific fuel card that was hard to manage and use. Switching to Coast fuel cards allowed them to streamline fleet ops and improve card security across a fleet of 90+ vehicles. Watch to find out how.

Industry Update
The construction industry has historically been male-dominated, with women constituting less than 10% of the workforce. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a transformative shift that is bridging the gender gap and providing a more inclusive and progressive future for women in construction.

(From Construction Today)
McCarthy construction in Woodland turned a warehouse into a classroom on Saturday. The construction company wants to see more women in the industry, so it's opening its doors and opportunities for Northern California teenage girls.

The whole country has seen an increase in job openings, but an economist predicts the pressures in construction will persist into 2024.

(From Construction Dive) 
Caterpillar, Inc.